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7hillstattooz is the Best tattoo studio in Hyderabad, Nowadays tattoos are very Famous and Peoples are very interested to have different styles on their bodies.7hillstattooz provides various styles Like Tribal Tattoos, Portrait Tattoos, Water Colour Tattoo and We have Highly Professional tattoo artists who have experienced more than 5 years.
The tattoo studio is full of artwork, it has an ambience that suits the art of making tattoos. By great effort from the past two decades, the tattoo studio has been transformed into a space that reeks of art and love for beauty.
Best tattoos come from the best tattoo artists
If you are a tattoo enthusiast, believe in the power of ink to transform your outlook towards life then 7 Hills Tattooz is the place for you. We here at 7 Hills Tattooz are patrons of art and we bring to you the best tattoo artists in all of Hyderabad. We started long ago and have come a long way to achieve our status as the best tattoo studio in Hyderabad.
Tattoo Making is no joke you can try anywhere cause once a tattoo is done on your body it stays for a lifetime so we suggest getting it done by experienced artists.
Our specialities
• We have top tattoo artists in Hyderabad.
• We have 7+ Years of experience.
• We make sure the tattoo is done very hygiene.
• We make sure you get a unique personalized tattoo.
• Ultimately we make sure you are satisfied.
Our Services
Tribal Tattoos: Tribal Tattoos are the oldest & most celebrated form of tattoo art. our artists can assist you in getting a tattoo that will add a new air of liberation to your personality.
Portrait Tattoos: Portrait tattoos are the toughest since they are a reflection of a person in ink on the body. We have a specialised team that takes care of Portrait Tattoos with astonishing efficiency.
Water Colour Tattoo: Watercolour tattoos are tough to make, they look like fresh watercolour painting and are very difficult to create, we have great expertise in doing watercolour tattoos.
New School tattoos: New school tattoos are a new generation form of abstract art that has been used in order to get art on the body.
we are available any time to discuss your ideas and get them sketched on your body.
Opening Times are Monday to Sunday 10 AM-10 PM
Our Contact Address : Tel: 91-90007-9899 E-mail: contact@7hillstattooz.comAddress: First Floor, Lifestyle Building, Begumpet, Hyderabad.

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