Analyzing the Benefits of Private Cloud Hosting

The term ‘Private Cloud infrastructure’ or Private Cloud Utility was first discussed by Douglas Parkhill in his book in the year 1966. The main objective behind his project was to introduce a direct comparison concept within other industries and identify opportunities for enhanced use of hybrid models for balancing supplies and reducing risks. The idea of Private Cloud Hosting usually encompasses some major advantages such as- Privacy, Security and Compliance. Today, most of the Private Cloud Hosting providers in India have understood the significance of data security and compliance; this has driven them to provide advanced Cloud solutions ensuring full data security to go with the latest security compliances and standards.

Private Cloud in a Nutshell

A Private Cloud hosting is used to define an infrastructure that is meant only for a single organization/user. Users can setup their virtual machines, servers on this infrastructure and use it whenever required.

Benefits of Private Cloud

A Private Cloud offers its own set of benefits over a Public Cloud and may not always be a perfect choice. There may be certain factors that can bias a user to go for this form of Cloud hosting. So, Private Cloud and its providers offer the following major benefits to their end-users-

Data Confidentiality

Private Cloud is a Cloud Computing method that runs on private networks. Private Cloud also offers users opportunities to host their applications and virtual machines on their host enterprises. With Private Cloud hosting, it is understood that users want to restrict access to their devices by getting full root access. Users can also provide their servers’ specifications and where they want the data and applications to be hosted. Companies working in industries where data is important often demand Cloud solutions that offer enhanced data security and restricted access. For such companies, Private Cloud hosting can be a best-fit solution.


Enterprises across industries are now making a move to the Cloud as it offers maximum benefits with bare minimum investments. With the user-critical data being stored virtually, its protection becomes a mandatory task. As Private Cloud is hosted on a private network, it becomes a reality to achieve 100% uptime with a reputed Private Cloud provider. By slight modification in the Private Cloud configurations, enterprises can reduce unwanted capital overheads with minimal effort. Other Cloud deployment models are difficult to set as compared to Private Cloud hosting. Private Cloud providers manage, monitor and ensure communication seamlessly between them and the users at all fronts.

Enhanced Control

Generally, Private Clouds are hosted either on-site or at the data center locations of the provider. This makes accessibility easier whenever users need it. The IT teams present at the enterprise’ premises can easily manage the Private Cloud platform and perform changes whenever required. They can even predict any downtime and bottlenecks that might occur during service delivery and modify the resources’ usage as per the growing business needs.


Private Cloud gives complete control towards the storage and bandwidth of the data, offering customized environments and the ability to adjust the security settings. Private Cloud hosting allows its users to develop a completely compliant platform with the latest data security laws and regulations as per the industry standards.

Increased Stability

Cloud computing has replaced tangible hard drives, computers and other storage mechanisms. Various forms of drives are used for building the storage platforms of Cloud hosting. The security of the data hosted on the Cloud is also much higher as it is replicated across multiple sites, ensuring full-time availability. Private Cloud hosting, in particular, is a convenient option for storing sensitive files and data. With Private Cloud, users don’t need to worry about their’ neighbors’ performance and activities and their impact. Users can efficiently manage their infrastructure.

Private Cloud- The Right Choice?

Private Cloud can be an effective option when it comes to achieving higher security levels, along with reliability. It may be the best option for organizations that deal with sensitive information or involved with industries that follow strict data regulations and compliances. For any enterprise, enhanced data safety and control are key growth drivers. To address these needs, Private Cloud hosting can become a reasonable option to consider.

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