How to Build a Successful Brand Strategy during This Coronavirus Crisis

As someone rightfully said, the coronavirus crisis is far from over. The impact of this global pandemic, the first one in recent times, is likely to be felt for a long time to come. Consumers have stopped listening to what the marketers are saying at least for the present. It is also true that some brands have stopped their spending during the current crisis because of market volatility. Altered consumer behaviours are showing up in terms of how people spend money on shopping for groceries or spending their time on gaming and entertainment.
Experts in corporate branding in Dubai are aware that, today, a shift in thinking is required when it comes to brand building and marketing in Dubai like what is happening in many other parts of the world. A crisis always tests the endurance of businesses and, therefore, a lot of energy has to be spent on building the brand during such times.
In times like these, brands may not be in a position to know where to start. Consumers have been observed to download gaming apps and show increased interest in eCommerce, with demands increasing to higher levels than before. Smooth ePayment systems in which mobile phones are being used for contactless payments. Whereas some of these habits may be temporary, some others are likely to be more permanent.
In this article, we attempt to discuss specific strategies/actions/methods using which brands can serve and grow their customers while simultaneously mitigating the risks involved.

Empathy and transparency

Empathy is the need of the moment. Institutions like banks are waiving specific fees acknowledging the hardships their customers are going through. Some technology companies have made their work platforms free to companies that are transitioning their working methodologies.
It is well understood that this is not the time when brands can be commercially exploitative. Corporate branding Dubai has aptly followed this sentiment and have helped brand campaigns stick to their pledges.

Agile use of media

Sending out pivoting messages according to changing circumstances is what top branding companies in Dubai are trying to work out. The operating models are designed for rapid responses. Brand marketers are also attempting to modify their media mix in a way to fit the present scenario.
Following the spike in digital media streaming in the present times, mobile gaming and ad-supported video streaming are taking a front seat. However, ad placement in news telecasts must be carefully monitored for frequency and overexposure of ads. An excess of these can harm any brand’s equity.

Association with goodness

Any person will remember a brand for its good acts/services when they do it in the right spirit. Providing free products/services and continuing to pay employees even when the company is not functioning may strike the right chord. During the pandemic, some brands even repurposed their manufacturing setups to make ventilators and respirators.
Any corporate branding agency that has taken up a campaign should promote feel-good content and this surely will help the brand go a long way. The agency should be careful not to promote content that seems to echo only commercial benefits. Consumers can smell a rat a mile away!

Tracking human trends

It pays to track human behavioral trends from time to time. This helps brands to create better quality messages that are in step with the times. Observing conversations over social media platforms and observing consumption trends during periods of crisis help brands to get a feel of the pulse of the population. Any reputed corporate branding agency in Dubai can help to put together dashboards for the brand clients in real-time to study and derive the variables that would help to direct the appropriate branding message to the public. The time-to-action should be a minimum.

Consistent delivery

Situations of discomfort, like the current one due to the coronavirus, always lead to innovations and improvements. A leading or top branding company in Dubai is likely to transition this discomfort into a new working model that completely adapts to new branding methods. New collaboration technologies that will help them remain productive are likely to be on the anvil which will help them take any bull by its horns. This is the advantage that adversities are likely to bring upon those that want to emerge victoriously.

How to plan for the future

Any crisis is a test of endurance and any top branding agency in Dubai would concentrate on spending their energies on long-term brand-building activity. The top things to be taken care of by branding agencies to stay at the top would be as follows:

Be prepared to determine the urgency of unexpected events in times of interruption while simultaneously striving to combat the interruption in the best manner whatsoever

Become proficient in learning to establish contact with all the stakeholders using digital media and digital communication methods

Mitigate any risks to the customer experience by distancing yourself and looking from the outside into the problems encountered

Listening carefully to the market and communicating thoughtfully are likely to solve a majority of the problems expected

Lend a helping hand to businesses that struggled during the pandemic; the effectiveness of your free services will coerce these brands to stick with you for long

As a benevolent and top branding company in Dubai, do not talk about your struggles and problems during the coronavirus period; you appear needy, desperate, and selfish

Use truthful, honest, and ethical brand-building strategies during such crises; this helps to spread a message of hope

For business leaders, it is time to realize that the entire world has been affected by the coronavirus in one way or the other. As human beings with hopes and dreams, it is time to make the public at large know that you are willing to play your part in creating positive energies and take some weight off their backs and minds. Take the trouble to spot the top corporate branding agency in Dubai that will work with you in providing hope in times of crises such as these.

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