How To Create Lyrics Website (2021)

How To Create Lyrics Website (2021): Do you also want to create a lyrics website and earn money? Then this post is for you only. Creating lyrics websites has become a new trend in the present time, be it, beginner or expert, all bloggers are working on this niche. In this post, I will tell you how to make a lyrics website. How to create a website for lyrics.

In this post, I will tell you in detail about the lyrics website. And after reading this post, I will try to clear all your doubts and questions.

To make the best lyrics website, many types of questions must be coming to your mind like:

  1. How to make a lyrics website?
  2. Which is the best theme for the lyrics website?
  3. Where do you get the lyrics keyword ideas?
  4. How to get Adsense approval on the Lyrics website?
  5. Song website has scope or not

I will tell you the answer to all these questions in this post. So read this post till the end.

How to create a website for lyrics

how to create a website for lyrics
how to create a website for lyrics
how to create a website for lyrics
how to create a website for lyrics

To create a song website, it is very important for you to have a custom domain, whether it is in Blogspot or WordPress.

In Blogger, we get the sub-domain of Blogspot, which takes a long time to get the site approved and increase the ranking. That’s why it is very important for you to have a custom domain to create a lyrics website.

How to buy lyrics domain?

You can purchase custom domains from Godaddy and BigRock. But keep in mind that while purchasing the domain, the words must be included in the domain name, Due to which your website will get the lyrics keywords and the chances of ranking the website will also be more. For example: lyricssong, lyricsallsong, allsonglyrics etc.

Lyrics website theme for blogger / WordPress

It is very important to have the best theme to rank any website. Your theme’s design is the first impression Because whenever a Google visitor comes to your site, he is very surprised only after seeing the design of the website.

“First impression is the last impression” you must have heard these slogans. That’s why it is very important for you to have a mobile-friendly, SEO, responsive, and Adsense support theme.

To create a Lyrics website, along with the design of the theme, the speed of the theme should also be good so that your website can open quickly. If you do not know how to check the speed and ranking of the theme, then definitely read this post.

Even if you can’t buy the theme, you can still use the free theme and get the Adsense Approve by doing a great design. I am mentioning below some names of Lyrics website themes that you can use in your blog.

Best Lyrics Theme for Blogger (Blogspot) Free

  • Lyricist (Most popular and responsive theme for lyrics)
  • Indigo (Mobile friendly and good customized)
  • SEOMag (Fast loading and best looking)
  • Catarina (One of my favorite theme for lyrics)

Best Lyrics theme for WordPress in Free

If you know about the best free theme for lyrics website, then you can help the new blogger by sugging in the comment box.

How do I start blogging and make money online?

Create pages for Lyrics website

how to create a lyrics website ?
how to create a lyrics website?

To create a Lyrics website, you have purchased a custom domain and downloaded a theme for Blogger or WordPress. Now the next and most important part is to create pages for the song website.

Like other websites, in this also you have to create pages like Privacy Policy, About Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer, Sitemap. It is necessary to create these important pages for Adsense approval on the Lyrics website.

Find Lyrics Keyword Ideas

So far, we have purchased a custom domain for the song website and have created important pages along with selecting one hundred friendly themes. Now we have to focus on the lyrics keyword ideas which is easy and difficult as the lyrics of the songs do not change from anywhere.

That’s why we have to pay attention to those keywords which have low competition and high traffic. You have to be a little smart to get the lyrics keywords, so read carefully the method I am telling.

To rank lyrics song, we need to target good keywords. But the problem comes that the lyric keyword we are targeting is already ranked in Google, then how to find the idea of lyrics keyword.

May I try to explain to you through an example here. For example, you have targeted the keyword Ek Mulakat dream girl lyrics.

How To Create Lyrics Website (2021)

If you look carefully at the About section of the screenshot, then the search volume will get approx 81 thousand which is high.

It will take a lot of time to rank this keyword or say that working on this keyword will be easy for you. Now if I target this song in a different way “Kal talak woh jo mere khaylon mein lyrics” then I will get results like this.

How To Create Lyrics Website (2021)

Only 14,100 results have been seen in the result i.e. work can be done on this keyword and your lyrics content can rank in Google on this keyword.

CPC may be 0.00 but you have to work on this keyword. Similarly, take out the keywords of other songs and work on it, this will rank your post soon and the domain authority of the website will also increase.

How to write a post on the Lyrics website

After following all the steps mentioned above, now you have to write a post on the lyrics of the songs. But before writing the lyrics, many questions are created.

1. Does the Lyrics website have copyright or not?

The simple answer to this is S and No. Because you cannot change the lyrics of the songs on your own, so while writing the post, you will write the same word.
2. How to copy paste from another lyrics website?

You cannot change the lyrics by yourself, so you can copy and paste the lyrics from any other website, But wait, while copying, do not paste it in your post immediately, but paste it in your notepad or wordpad.

After pasting, change its font style and font size and change the alignment. Now copy the content and paste it in your post. Isse Copyright ka issue nahi aayega.
3. Is there Adsense approval on the lyrics website?

Yes, Adsense approval is available on the songs site and you can earn good money too, this is my own personal experience.
4. Is the lyrics website for long term or short term?

If you are wanting to do a part time blogging then you can work on this lyrics below but it is not for long term at all.

Google Core is always updating its latest updates. That's why it may be that if a new policy or terms & condition comes for the lyrics, then your hard work will go in vain.

That's why I would recommend that you work for the music site for the short term and not for the long term.

I hope your questions have been answered by now, and now we come to the next topic.

How to write lyrics post

There are 2 methods of writing lyrics post, in which one method may already have been mentioned in the topic of breath. If you have doubts about copy-pasting then follow this method. As I have already told that you cannot change the lyrics of any song with your mind, so you have to write the same word.

Before writing the lyrics of the songs, write a paragraph of 2 to 3 lines. Which should be related to the song, like we are going to write the songs of Tumse Hua Hai Pyaar, then first write its description.

After writing the description, upload an image related to the song and after that, you have to give the song info as well. For Example:

  • Song
  • Lyricst
  • Singer
  • Music
  • Composer
  • Director
  • Music label company

Make a good format like this, if you do not know about it, then you can go to YouTube and open the song for which you are writing the lyrics.

After writing this much, now you open any other website and after seeing the lyrics of that song, write it in your post. While writing lyrics, definitely pay attention to font style and font size, keep in mind that low keywords should be used so that Google can catch your song quickly.

Creating Lyrics Website / Lyrics Keyword ideas full case study

If you want to do blogging part-time or for the short term, then working on the below lyrics can prove to be a benefit for you.

but be careful on lyrics website you have to give your full time and you need to update your website on daily basis. Competition has started increasing in the lyrics site too, so start working on it as soon as possible.

I hope you found the How To Create Lyrics Website (2021) post helpful for you.

If you have more good points then don’t forget to share in the comment. If you like the post, then definitely share it on social media so that other people can also make a website.

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