How To Maintain And Care For Your Handloom Silk Sarees?

Handloom Silk sarees are the attires that have the potential of bringing the precious and memorable occasions and they are often associated with emotional bonding of people who wear them. You might have shown great interest and of course you know how precious they are. So you should care for the Handloom Silk sarees and maintain them well so that they can last long. Despite the thinking that Handloom Silk sarees are hard to maintain, still with some easy tips you can retain the beauty and quality of the sarees and sustain your everlasting happiness.

Washing guide for Handloom silk sarees

●      It is recommended to dry clean your silk sarees rather than washing at home. However, if you are met with situations where you have to wash at home, it is suggested to have a safe washing procedure with the Handloom silk sarees.

●      It is a wise practice to wash the sarees only in cold water. You should avoid using any harsh detergents which typically have the tendency of affecting the color or texture of the sarees. You can make use of any mild detergents or gentle washing liquids which are specifically meant for handloom silk sarees.

●      Since Silk is a delicate fabric, it is recommended not to wash in the machine. If in the case, your handloom silk sarees gets stained, you should immediately wash with cold water before the stain dries and becomes hard to wash.

●      Avoid using soap on new handloom silk sarees at least for a couple of washes. Instead you can rinse the handloom silk sarees using a mild shampoo mixed in plain water. This solution can keep the sarees to lock the sheen and shine intact.

●      Don’t let the handloom silk sarees soaked in water for a long time. Moreover, never put efforts like wringing, beating, brushing and twisting the handloom silk sarees. Avoid drying the handloom silk sarees in direct sunlight. Hang them in the shady places and leave the water to drain out. 

●      Don’t do any experiments at home for removing stains, if you are not so familiar with that. In such cases, give the sarees to dry cleaning.

Storing and maintaining the handloom silk sarees

⮚     Of course, the handloom silk sarees are worn only during special occasions and hence they need special care and attention when it comes to storing the sarees.

⮚     Remember that you should fold the handloom silk sarees carefully and you change the folds every 3 months so that the folds don’t face any damages in the areas of zari work. It is advisable to fold the zari of the sarees on the inner side which will protect it from damage.

⮚     Avoid storing the handloom silk sarees with other sarees. It is good if you wrap the folded sarees in a pure cotton cloth or muslin material and store it in a bag. However, plastic bags are not good for storing the sarees as they can damage the quality of the fabric.

⮚     You can also store the handloom silk sarees to the hanger which also can avoid trapping of silk thread and avoids damage to the embroidery work.

⮚     Handloom silk sarees should be stored only in a dry place. If you store handloom silk sarees in any moisture-prone area, it will impact on the fabric and may stain or tear the sarees.

⮚     You can use silicone gel pouches in the wardrobe which helps in locking the moisture and keep the handloom silk sarees dry. But it is strictly to be avoided using naphthalene balls in the handloom silk sarees storage area. This is because the naphthalene balls can make the zari or handwork to blacken and make them tainted.

⮚     During winter days, it is suggested to hang the handloom silk sarees outside in the open air surface for at least half an hour. This makes sure that the handloom silk sarees receive proper ventilation for its fabric and assures the better life of the dresses. Also you can protect the handloom silk sarees from any sort of undesirable smell. But remember, you don’t dry the sarees in sun light as it can cause color fading.

No one can deny that the handloom silk sarees are meant to be the proud assets and precious collection in every woman’s wardrobe. In this digital and contemporary world, there are so many online portals that let the women buy their favorite handloom silk sarees at affordable prices. But the thing to be remembered is that you care for the sarees and avoid anything that spoils the beauty and quality of your beautiful sarees.

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