Important Facts about Solar Junction Box

The device used to wire all electronic parts and bits in a solar panel is called solar junction box. With rising application of solar panel, the number of solar junction box manufacturers in India is increasing fast among which Elmex is one of the popular choices. Elmex as a solar junction box manufacturer in this blog post compiles important facts about solar junction box that are very important and explains its role in any solar unit:

Long Term Usage

The primary role of solar junction box is long term usage. The photovoltaic junction boxes in India contain diodes that keep the power flow of solar unit unidirectional and prevent power from going back into the panel. Diodes further regulate heat in the solar junction boxes.

Different Types of Solar Junction Box

There are many types of solar PV panel junction boxes available in India. Elmex being a top choice solar junction box manufacturer in India offers 2-rail junction boxes, 4-rail junction boxes and 3-rail junction boxes. Based on the purpose of use, consumers can choose from the types of solar junction box.

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Common Features

The common features of solar junction box are dust proof, water proof, fire resistant, low temperature resistant and ageing resistant. These resistance features make solar junction box reliable for both indoor and outdoor usage in solar units.

Easy to Install

As solar junction boxes have a thin and compact design, hence they are easy to install as part of any solar unit. Solar junction boxes deliver consistent and long-lasting performance. Solar junction boxes are substitute of traditional photovoltaic components.

This blog post about important facts about solar junction box is compiled by Elmex. One of the well-known clamp manufacturers in India. Who also offers products such as spring loaded distribution box, terminal box, terminal box accessories and so on.

For more information about solar junction box in India, contact Elmex now.

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