10 Essential Marketing Skills to Boost Your Career

A dream in the marketing field has been a dream of almost every individual. But developing a sturdy marketing career is no joke. One should have expert marketing skills to make a mark. Believe us or not recruiters are in search of exceptional talents in marketing in a candidate before hiring them.

Much before the invention of digital marketing, businesses used to think and operate conventionally. Besides, the methods of traditional marketing were time-consuming and expensive. Mediums like print, radio, and TV were leading the pack. They still have their essence and impact; similarly, several challenges used to be there, and it’s still in the scene. 

Whether conventional or digital advertising-marketing is all about how creatively and analytically you are strategizing your campaigns. For instance, the user impact of advertisement is such that any 90’s kid can still sing the lyrics of “Humara Bajaj”/”Washing powder Nirma”. 

That day and today, marketing has evolved a lot with the advent of the internet in 1983. Now the marketing hacks are more technically driven than the usual, and it’s quick to apply as well.

The response and impact of digital marketing are overwhelming, and it’s constructing and re-constructing the business world regularly. Digital marketing is a vast skill-driven arena. Not necessarily a digital marketer should have prowess in all the skills. Holding mastery in 2-3 marketing skills are enough to make your CV market worthy. Here are the some common mistakes that you should avoid while crafting a CV.

Let’s see how you can climb fast the market ladder with the 10 latest marketing skills –

1. Technical skills

The field of digital marketing is entirely tech-driven and ever-evolving. Without tech skills, no one can survive here. That doesn’t mean a marketer should know every aspect of digital marketing. But holding mastery is always beneficial.

Since digital marketers have to work closely with website developers and graphic designers having a basic knowledge of the terms and techniques will make the operation easier.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is an integral part of digital marketing. Brands crave a higher slot of organic ranking on SERP. It’s one of the most common marketing skills owned by most digital marketers. It’s undoubtedly the most in-demand digital marketing skill that companies are looking for right now. SEO experts strategize how to up your website ranking steering ahead of the components. 

There are two major fringes of SEO practice- 

  • On-page SEO 
  • Off-page SEO

On-page SEO refers to developing a website as per the rule-book of the search engines. By Off-page SEO, we mean the tactics of accumulating high-quality referrals for enhancing web credibility.

3. Analytics

Now this is a core technical domain where learning digital marketing course from Internet Marketing School is essential. Digital marketing is data-driven. With the knowledge of Analytics, you can track the performance of your campaigns and tweak it as per need. This metrics of digital marketing makes it a clear winner. 

Digital marketer with proficiency in Analytics has steady market demand. One should have basic mathematical and statistical skills to make an effort smoother.

4. Pay Per Click (PPC)

Google ads, Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads, Facebook ads fall under the broad category of PPC.

Since these online ads are run by technical methodology, thus one needs to have the required education on the same to deliver the desired results. To run ads on different online platforms, you need to have an analogy of the respective platform along with the ever-changing algorithms and profound data analytic skills. 

5. Content writing

There is a common phrase in the digital business world- “Content is the king”. Without content, you can’t imagine growth here. With good writing skills, you can make a great career in the field of digital marketing

Understanding the target audience is something a content writer needs to focus on to crack the nut. As at the end of the day, the content will communicate with the audience. Content writing includes- copy-writing, blog writing, website content writing, etc. There are many tools that you can use for enhancing your content.

6. Video Marketing

This is the most popular online advertisement medium of late. Skills in video marketing can make you earn one big pie. Here also, storytelling grabs all eyeballs. Nothing strikes beyond content in every form of digital marketing. 

Recent research shows that video marketing returns the best conversion rate across all social media platforms. Occasional social media videos get the highest volume of engagement and shares. 

7. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media ads have become much popular among marketers for its easy-to-reach and affordable aspects. Targeting the right set of audiences with social media ads is the key here. 

Each of the social media platforms has its own business environ and set of algorithms. Running campaigns on social media demand a thorough knowledge of the same to make the best out of it. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn all these platforms have varied business environs compared to each other. Accordingly, a social media ad campaign should contain insightful content to reach out to consumers.

8. Email Marketing

This is the age-old as well as popular marketing skill of digital marketing as nothing matches to email to connect with the end-user. Digital marketers should have email marketing skills to return their clients.

With relevant content and website landing page, email marketing can do wonder for businesses. 

9. Designing

Aesthetic sense is important in every dimension of marketing. Even good content go waste without a befitting design. So, designers have good career prospects in the digital marketing field. Alongside this, marketers should also know a bit of designing skills so that they can add to their creative expertise in a campaign.

10. Weaving stories

Brands are all about promoting stories and connecting with their target group. Different products demand different strategies and other storylines. Most of the time, marketers sell the same old wine in a new bottle in terms of storytelling and branding. 

Storytelling is commonly known as content writing. But storytelling demands a lot more. This is where digital marketing skill holders stand out from the rest. Hey! Have you checked out the branding of Paper Boat and Amul? Please go and have a look at it.


These digital marketing skills will incredibly increase your brand value as a digital marketer. Joining a professional digital marketing course will help you learn these aspects from the scratches. Enroll in a digital marketing course to boost your marketing skills and CV as one.  

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