Psychological Hacks Which Increases Website Conversions

Today we will discuss about Psychological Hacks Which Increases Website Conversions. Human psychology plays a massive role in shaping how you determine what kind of experience a website offers to you. Neuro-marketing states that design psychology plays a massive role in explaining how customers perceive your brand and whether they show a keen interest or pass your website as a no-go. Therefore today, many website designers focus on-site design optimization more than ever. 

Do you know the right aesthetic appeal within a website can increase your conversion rate? Ask a website design Dubai based company, and they will highlight the importance of creating the best appeal. 

If you know how the human brain functions, getting that click on a call to action becomes relatively easy. And before you know it, your website will be filled up to the brim with fresh leads and a lot more.

Do you want to capitalize on such psychological hacks to convert your visitors? Here are 4 psychological hacks which you can use to design your website and boost your website conversions. 

Make Sure Your Website is Free of Distractions 

The cognitive fluency theory states that the human mind is a complex organ. It prefers to perform simple tasks early on rather than getting fixated to complete the more complicated ones. Simple tasks require less strain and, henceforth, help the individual better focus on accomplishing these tasks more effectively. Imagine if you’re running a SaaS product website. The easier it is for a person to navigate different site areas and the more effective it will be for them to convert easily. Psychological Hacks Which Increases Website Conversions

Investing your time in creating a minimalist design website favors you in countless ways. It will create an easy navigation site, ensuring your site becomes free from all distraction elements.

Now you may wonder what the benefits of a simple website design are? 

1) A simple website design prevents visitors from jumping away from your website. 

2) A simple website design keeps the attention of the visitor where you want it to stay. 

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Limit the Choices for Easy Decision Making

Have you heard about the Hicks law? It states that the time is taken for a person to decide greatly depends on the number of choices available. The greater the number of choices, the easier it becomes for the person to feel overwhelmed. The lesser the number of choices, the decision-making process becomes relatively easier. 

Another research called the paradox of choices states that, 

The higher the number of choices greater will be the attraction of visitors to a website; however, when the actual conversion is measured, then according to buying decision laws, the numbers become low. Psychological Hacks Which Increases Website Conversions.

When the opposite takes place, the number of conversion increases, whereas the traffic becomes low. So ask yourself, which option is the best for you? Is it the one where you get a great many visitors but fairly less conversion? Or is it the one where you get fewer visitors but a great many conversions? 

I think the latter resonates better. 

A Sense of Urgency Can Always Land a Sale

What happens when you face an urgent situation? For example, you visit Walmart and come across an aisle where you see a discount offer with a limited number of products remaining? What do you do? 

It doesn’t matter if the product is way below your list of priorities; you still run off to get them. It is the power of a sense of urgency that you can create on your website to boost conversions. 

A sense of urgency triggers the fear of missing out on the product.

If you can strike a balance of using the sense of urgency by slapping up a stellar offer on your website, you can perfectly nail this strategy. For instance, if your site features a paid e-book or an e-learning course, you can always put up a FREE offer and use other different courses to sell in its wake by offering them at a reasonable price. Meanwhile, you can create a sense of urgency by offering the FREE course for a limited time offer, increasing its chance of exposure. During the process, some people may often choose the other available courses at a reasonable price, and voila, you make sales. 

Create a sense of urgency in your website design strategy to boost your conversions. 

Capitalize on Emotions & Sentiments

Believe it or not, but if you want to ignite the right emotions in your audience’s heart, then use powerful images on your website that can easily convert your visitors. People are always looking out for that human element, and nothing serves the purpose more effectively on a subconscious level, the way human imagery does. It leverages human emotions and encourages visitors to take action on your site. With the right images, you can direct your audience to make the correct decisions.

For example, you can use an image to indicate that a person is looking in a particular direction. This direction is where your CTA button is & it can automatically compel them to make a conscious decision. You can create this effect by setting the person’s gaze on the CTA or making the person point to the CTA. Do you have recurring customers? You can take their pictures as social proof and use testimonials to convert them to take action. Use this method to trigger sales on your site. 

So there you go; here are the four psychological facts backed by most website designers. Do you want to get the best results out of your website design as well? Feel free to follow these psychological hacks.

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