Retargeting Machine is a fast & actionable 7-day implementation plan for business owners to make sure they’ve got a winning retargeting campaign in place — no matter their previous experience.
Using FB to drive traffic? Good start. But pay close attention. FB ads in general are good. Retargeting ads are even better. But they’re both costing you more than they should. Standard FB retargeting has a fatal flaw. It treats EVERY website visitor you target in exactly the same way. All traditional FB retargeting lets you do is serve ads to people that hit your site and leave without converting. Doesn’t matter if.

Yet most business owners still don’t know how to REALLY leverage those retargeting ads. Despite the fact that it’s been around for years, most advertisers still fall prey to a few common retargeting mistakes. They either show the same-old ads to everyone who’ve visited their site. They try to go ninja-style by overcomplicating things with all kinds of “smart funnels” while ignoring the most important part. They trust the “pixel” to do the job right (which between you and me, it doesn’t!)

They spent 3 minutes on your site & scrolled multiple pages, OR They clicked off right away, obviously uninterested. But both groups get the same ad. Why spend money advertising to people that aren’t interested? Wouldn’t it make more sense to cater to visitors that are clearly engaged in your offers and content? Finally, Wilco de Kreij discovered “in the trenches” as a direct result of spending my own money, time, and resources to grow my own businesses using Facebook Ads. Introducing Retargeting Machine.

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Once you have a “retargeting machine” like this one. It becomes a breeze to generate new customers profitably in almost any business WITHOUT being highly experienced in marketing or Facebook Ads and WITHOUT changing anything else in your funnel.

The Retargeting Machine is NOT another course:

It’s NOT a 21-hour Facebook Ads video course teaching you nothing but theory
It’s NOT a screencast of how to use the Ads Manager which will get outdated shortly
It’s NOT a bunch of untested tactics that some online gurus wish were working
That’s right you only need to tweak the one part of your funnel (i.e. retargeting ad campaigns). Putting this into work is quick and easy. So you can have your own “Retargeting Machine” in 7 days or less/ And you’ll discover every step of structuring and executing your “Retargeting Machine”. You DON’T have to make a final decision today.

Just say “maybe” and order your copy of “Retargeting Machine” today risk-free and if this course, ad templates, and all the bonuses aren’t what I described them to be or if you aren’t happy with your purchase for any reason (ANY reason at all) then it costs you nothing.

The “Retargeting Machine” is my 7-day playbook to create highly profitable retargeting campaigns. Turning prospects into buyers, leads and long term customers has never been easier. Advanced targeting, at your fingertips. Connect with your IDEAL audience for unfair profits. And save money while you’re making more sales. You’ll be walked through everything step by step, even if you’ve never run a retargeting campaign before.
Easy To Use
Steal My Tested & Proven Retargeting Ads including You get 10 of my top-performing retargeting ads — delivered as “templates” you can swipe and deploy immediately. Here’s the best part: These ad templates are designed to work for almost any business, any niche, and any offer type (whether you’re selling physical products, online courses, software subscriptions or local services…)
Build an Audience From Scratch… Get Them to Know You and Like You including: Understand the “customer journey” psychology of building audiences that consist of raving fans and lifelong customers. How to come up with content ideas that’ll naturally attract the right kinds of people who are most likely to say “yes” when you present your offer. Discover my content creation strategies that’ll put you on the map and give you recognition in your market (even if you hate writing articles or shooting videos).
Take Your Retargeting Game to the Next Level By Leveraging Your Email List including: How to lower your ad costs by leveraging the potential of your existing email list (most businesses don’t use this to its fullest potential). 4 different ways your existing email list can help you boost the results of your retargeting campaigns (just using ONE of these strategies will help you stand out, using all four will make a difference like day and night). Case Study: How I generated 50% more sales using ONE strategy outlined in this bonus class
15 Practical (No BS) Ways to Boost Facebook Ads ROI for Small & Medium Business Owners including: This 75-minute masterclass is my ultimate Facebook Ads crash course. How to create better lookalike audiences? The little-known reason why you need at least 2 different pages to run ads (it’s easier to create pages, so this is a no-brainer for anyone). The “5-sec rule” that makes or breaks your ads (once I figured this out, I started producing profitable campaigns one after the other). One type of ad type that works like a charm for cold audiences (discover how to improve your chances of success early on). What to optimize your campaigns for? (There are many optimization methods that lost me money, and there are only two that ever worked for me — discover which)

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Stefan van der Vlag

With his high quality products and a proven track record of multiple 6 figure launches… Well, you just can’t go wrong with this true innovator! Expect high EPCs – and a bunch of thank-you emails from the customers you are going to send over!

Wilco takes a ton of pride into every product he brings to market. This always makes me super confident that when I promote one of his launches, that its going to be a killer product, that will convert insanely well and backed by outstanding customer service. I love promoting Wilco and always look forward to the next product he releases!

Joanna Foxx

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