Secure Your Office/Organization With Contactless Visitor Check-in System

Security is the prime necessity for an organization to meet its global business standards. It’s very important in safeguarding an organization’s confidential data from unauthorized third parties. Keeping your office security is a requirement.

A few years back the offices and organizations used paper logbooks to track their visitors at the workplace. Unfortunately, it’s the worst way of managing workplace guests. It takes a lot of your time just because of one physical book recording data of all guest visitors and also there is a chance of misplacement or loss of information. Paper registers can not tackle emergency situations. It’s pretty old-fashioned.

Advanced features of the visitor management system

This feature allows visitors to see your brands.
Sends messages to alert emergency situations to both employees and visitors.
Keep employee details safe and secure.
Mobile access controls your visitor management system from anywhere. Thus saves time.

Most of the visitor management systems are equipped with a lot of features.
Zapio VMS provides you with a diverse range of features that suit your business.

Cloud-based visitor management software – Logs and stores precise guest information so that it is very easy to access. Cloud-based visitor management system uae saves time and space.
Touchless visitor management system with QR-code – Supports real-time remote access and insights. It’s the perfect solution, especially in this covid-19 times.
Pre-registration – This feature allows employees to send important documents to visitors. It’s the best method to handle time for both parties.
Host notifications.

Why is Zapio Technology the best Visitor management system?

Zapio Technology specializes mainly in providing visitor management software solutions in Dubai.
Increase your business’s professionalism in the front desk and the office security with contactless visitor management system Dubai. Offering quick and professional visitor management software Dubai on mobile devices (iPhone, Android..) marks your business with credibility and a positive impression.

ZapioVMS make your business more efficient, secure, and organized.

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