What is artificial intelligence?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence is the recreation of human knowledge demonstrated by Machine, which involves responsiveness and emotionally. AI is the simulation of human intelligence processes by computer system. In the digital world, Artificial intelligence is most significant innovation which can develop a data centric to knowing about customer’s history and to beneficial awareness for promoting and marketing. AI is one of the branches in technology world that represents machine creation like human being thinking, interacting.
With the help of Artificial Intelligence Science has been able to changes in other field. there are some industries using AI;
• • Healthcare and medicine
• • Education
• • marketing
• • small business
• • Public relation
• • E – Commerce field
• • Recruitment and Human resource
Artificial Intelligence has had a great influence on our daily lives.
There are four types of Artificial Intelligence;
• Self aware; Finally, AI achieve blessedness , It becomes self awareness. Self aware intelligence beyond the humans has an independent.
• Limited Memory ; Limited Memory types refer to an AI’ s ability to store data. AI works in two days,
1. A team trains a model with new data.
2. In the other hand, AI creates environment where models are automatically trained and renewed.

• Recreate machine ; This is the first step to any AI system, A machine takes human face as input and outputs a box around the face identify.
• Theory of mind ; AI interacts with thoughts and emotions of humans.
Here are different kinds of A.I. the more tech-situated group notices. the A.I. is utilized for, what it is prepared to do, and how it helps advance human kind. These are three types;
• Artificial Narrow Intelligence
• Artificial General Intelligence
• Artificial Super Intelligence
What is the important of Artificial Intelligence;
Speech Recognition;
For a limited purpose, computers speech recognition reached a practical level since 1990s. Speech Recognition is one of the best technology which is empowered by Artificial Intelligence. This new technology has the ability to convert voice massage to text and has also capability to recognize on their voice command. Speech Recognition Technology powered by AI got important among giant technology world such as Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, etc
Game Playing ;
Artificial Intelligence can play master level chess foe a few hundred dollars but they play well opposite player mainly through brute force computation looking at hundred of thousands of positions. To beat a world champion by brute force and known reliable heuristics requires being able to look at 200 million positions per position. game playing is important state of Artificial Intelligence
Natural Language Understanding ;
Artificial Intelligence is computer software that uses natural Language understanding to interpret text and unstructured data. Natural Language Understanding ( NLU) can translate it into computer language and produce an output in a language that humans can understand.
Computer vision ;
There are three- dimensional objects in the world, but the inputs to the human eye and computers ‘s cameras are two- dimensional. At present, there are only limited ways of representing three- dimensional information directly. Artificial Intelligence deals with the science making machine enabled visually.
Expert System ;
Expert system is the part of AI, It is a computer program that is designed to solve a complex problems and provide decision making ability as like humans expert.
Work in Artificial Intelligence:
• Artificial Intelligence is the part of computer system that exhibit characteristics we connect with intelligence in human behaviour as understanding language, learning, reasoning, solving problems, and so on.
• Engineering aim to solve real world problems using AI techniques as knowledge representation, learning. rule systems, search and so on.
• The Scientific aim to determine which ideas about knowledge representation, learning, and so on, explain various sorts of real intelligence.
AI and its related field

Logical AI; A program knows about the world in the facts of the specific situation in which it must act, and it’s aim are represented some mathematical logical language.

Search ; Artificial Intelligence survey large numbers of opportunity for example moves in chess game by theorem program.

Learning from experience ; The approaches to AI based on connectionism and neutral nets specialize in that. Program know about expressed in logic. System are based on very limited ability.

Planning : Planning programs start with facts about the world as effects of actions, particular situation and statement of a goal.

Heuristics : A heuristic is a method of attempting to find something or a thought set in a program. Heuristic capabilities are utilized in a few ways to deal with search to measure how far a node in a search tree seems to be from a foal.

Preliminary concepts
Two types of space-for-time algorithms:
Input enhancement; Preprocess the input to store some info to be used in solve the problem.
• Counting for sorting
• String searching algorithms
Prestructuring ; Preposition the input to make accessing its elements easier.
• Hashing
• Indexing Scheme
Constraint Satisfaction Search:
Search can be used to solve problems that are restricted by constraints, as the eight – queen
problem. Problems are often known as Constraint Satisfaction Problems.
In the case of eight queen problem, A search tree can make that represents the possible position of queens on the board. On way to represent this is to have a tree that is 8 ply deep, with a branching factor of 64 for the first level, 63 for the next level, 63 for the next level, and so on.
A goal node in this tree is one that satisfies the constraints that no two queens can be on the same diagonal, row or column.
Heuristic Repair
• Heuristics can be used to improve performance of solving the problems to constraint satisfaction problems.
• One way to do this is to use a heuristic repair method, which involves generating a possible solution and then making changes that reduce the distance of the state from the goal.
• This method can be used not only to solve the eight – queens problem but also has been successfully applied to the n- queens problem for extremely large values of n.
Security And Ethical Concerns:
The Artificial Intelligence in the domain of self driving car elevates security and ethical concern too. Autonomous vehicles can be put in the position where accidents can’t avoidable and forcing the programming system to make an ethical decision.


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