Kandur, someone to whom every Kashmiri wishes the first Good Morning of their day. This local bread maker is the savior of Kashmiri foodies. The business is generally run by the whole family, and their shops and houses are under the same roof. Bread Maker They start their job early in the morning at about 6 … Read more

Netflix: Halloween Movies to Watch in the Spooky Holidays

Halloween movies holidays are perfect to bond over with family and friends. You might not be able to attend or host Halloween theme parties like always because of the pandemic. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get along with friends and family during the spooky Halloween season. Since we all are trying to have huge … Read more

6 Great Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is only a couple of days away, and this year most people actually have free time on their hands to figure out the perfect gift for their precious mothers. However, for others, no matter how much time they have, they still find it quite challenging to find the right gift. Especially when their … Read more

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