How to install Angular 8 9 10 in your system

Hello, friend’s today I will tell you how to install angular 10 in your machine with some simple steps. Before installing angular I would like to tell you something about Angular. If you want to learn angular then you should have knowledge of HTML, CSS, SCSS, and JavaScript. If you are a web designer or a UI developer, then you have to work a bit more because the web designer is less knowledgeable in JavaScript and if you are a backend developer then you will learn quickly, we have to install Node js in your system. So let’s install Node Js for the below Link.

How to convert your HTML Page to PDF in Angular 8 9 10.

click here to download

install LTS version

after install we will open command propt or search node js in your system

when your command propt open you have to install angular cli first

install Angular cli by below command

npm install -g @angular/cli

it will take 2 or 3 minutes. after successfully install angular cli you can check version of angular cli by below command

ng –version

you see latest version of Angular cli now install first Angular App by below command

ng new my-first-app (you can change app name )

it will take severaval minutes after successfully install your angular app you can run your app by below command

ng serve

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