Five Ways to Get Money Today


Everyone faces a time when they need money immediately. Regardless of why this situation arises, if you don’t have an emergency fund set aside. You’ll need to scramble to get the money you need. Fortunately, there are many legit ways you can get this money. It’s a matter of figuring out what will work for you when you say to yourself I need money fast and now. Take your business online today.

Drive People Around

Uber and Lyft are great ways to make extra money during the time you have available. Of course, you must get approved before downloading the app to work whenever is convenient for you. You don’t even need to worry about collecting money, although you’ll probably enjoy collecting some tips along the way. There’s no need to worry about your safety either, since these companies take your safety very seriously and work hard to not have any undesirable people using their services.

Take Online Surveys

When you have spare time on your hands, use it to make some money by taking surveys. There are many legit websites you can use for this. While some of these websites will pay in reward points, you can typically exchange them for cash or, at the very least, for pre-paid credit cards. While this won’t make you rich, you can make money while sitting around doing nothing.

Do Freelance Gigs

If you’re good at writing articles, creating resumes, designing websites, doing graphic design, or completing virtual assistant tasks, you can make money doing freelance gigs online. There are many people and companies who will hire you to do this work because they don’t need an official employee, just to get this work done. You can complete these jobs at any time that fits your schedule, then be paid in a few days. How much you’ll earn will depend on the type of work you do though.

Offer Babysitting or Pet Sitting Services

These jobs typically pay you right when you complete them. Just ask around to see what your friends and family need or use a website to find gigs in your area. Typically, you’ll make about $10 per hour per child for babysitting and between $10 – $30 for taking a dog for a walk. Depending on the area in which you live. There are even some apps available that will help you find these types of jobs to complete on your schedule, which is nice because then you can work when you want.

Do Tasks for Family and Friends

Your friends and family probably have many other tasks that they need done but don’t have the time to do – things like cleaning the house, organizing a room, washing their car, cleaning up after their pets, mowing their lawn, washing their home’s windows, or raking leaves. Simply send out an email or a text asking what they need. You can even post your availability on Facebook. Once you find a task, decide on a fair price, then complete the work and get paid. Some people have made a few hundred dollars in a weekend by working hard here.

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