16 hour fast benefits | intermittent fasting benefits

Today we’ll be talking about 16-hour fasting Within a few days of following
this practice. You’ll experience a boost in your mental clarity you won’t have to think
about food all day long you’ll be able to work for longer your skin will clear up,
the weight will normalize, and if you have any health problems, they’ll start disappearing too Oh! But my health is fine. Even my weight is okay, why do I need to fast? And I feel hungry all the time. 16 hour fast benefits. 16 hour fast benefits | intermittent fasting benefits.

I don’t think I can do this 16 hour Fasting! I get scared even by the name of fasting. How will I fast? Whether you’re scared by the name of fasting or have fasted many times before, whether you’re absolutely fit or sick, overweight or thin, whether you feel like eating as soon as you wake up or you eat late at night, please read this article till the end because this is one practice that can change your life 16-hour fasting? You mean Intermittent Fasting right? The same thing that’s popularly known as I.F. in the West.

Who knows what kind of new fad is this?

No! Hear us out fully first Today, what appears to be new isn’t new at all Today, the fasting we believe to be a fad has actually been practiced by our ancestors for thousands of years Many of our Shastras also clearly mention not to eat after sunset And in the morning, until the sun has reached its peak, never to eat before it Our ancestors didn’t name
it 16 hour fasting But their daily lifestyle was such that they were following it automatically Oh, but they were old-fashioned people, right?

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16 hour fast benefits

16 hour fast benefits

Today, we believe in science! Did you know – thousands of scientific studies are also proving that you can get so many benefits by giving your body a break from food daily You can search for it yourself So come let’s understand the right method to do 16 hours fasting every day, you must not eat anything between dinner & breakfast for 16 hours you can adjust these timings according to your schedule.

If you eat dinner at 7 pm today, then have solid food at 11 am the next day and if you eat dinner at 6 pm, then break your fast at 10 am with solid food During these 16 hours, you can have water, coconut water or any veggie juice Maybe it sounds difficult right now. But it’s not difficult at all Truly! Because you sleep through most of this 16 hours gap Come let’s understand the 3 biggest benefits of fasting 1st benefit – it gives relief to all your organs Imagine you’re working in the office and your boss keeps handing you more and more work.

You keep working till the evening, and just as you’re about to get up, but your boss hands you 3 more hours of work then as you’re about to get up and go home, he hands you 3 more hours of work.

What do you think? How long will you be able to work like this?

Whenever we overwork something like this, its capacity to work goes down. Why did we share this example with you?

Because you’re doing the same thing to your stomach. You’re putting non-stop pressure on it. Before we’re able to digest last night’s dal, we stuff parathas, idlis, dosas inside us in the morning. Before we digest that, we stuff our lunch on top of it. To digest all this, your stomach ends up working 24 hours. It works overtime on most days. It doesn’t even get a single day off

Think about it – how long will it be able to do this? If you put so much pressure on it, soon it will stop functioning properly. The food you’ve eaten won’t get digested. It will keep accumulating inside and give birth to all kinds of diseases but with 16-hour fasting, we
give a break to our stomach not just our stomach, all our other organs get a break too pancreas get a break from producing insulin, the liver gets a break from making bile and the stomach gets a break from producing digestive juices. During fasting, all of your organs thank you.

2nd benefit – 16 hour fast benefits

You’ll be able to be twice as productive once you do this what’s the heaviest application
on your phone? Camera app! What happens if you use it non-stop for 1-2 hours?

Your battery will drop down heavily then will you have enough battery power to do other things? No! because your phone has a limited battery right?

The same principle applies to your body. What’s the heaviest app in your body? the app of digestion! when you eat heavy foods like paratha, chiwda, biscuit, chai or eat without giving a break all day long most of your energy will be used up by your digestion.

Do you know how much energy? More than 70%!. Now if 70% energy has been spent here already, will you have any energy left for this? You tell us. So start this from tomorrow and see how it boosts your energy, when you sit to work, what took you 2 hours to do will only take an hour now.

All this is only possible because your food pressure won’t keep pulling you down.

3rd benefit – 16 hour fast benefits

You’ll be able to properly absorb the nutrients of your food. How many of you people hear this – O child, keep eating something! Otherwise, where will you get nutrition from?

You’ll become weak! But the truth is far from this How? If we don’t keep our stomach empty for some time, then no matter how healthy you eat, no matter how many green veggies, juices, fruits, and nuts you consume it’s not going to help at all! because your stomach has no space to digest them at all it’s already full but with fasting, your stomach is emptied, it gets more space so if you truly want to take in the nutrients of your food, then give your stomach a break every day.

Giving it a break creates space inside and then whatever you eat, your body will be able to absorb its nutrients properly. The benefits of fasting aren’t just being discussed by us, they’re being talked about by people all around the world. Come let’s take a look at any correction or purification that needs to happen in the body, your stomach needs to be empty. It’s very, very important!

16 hour fast benefits

Otherwise, the purification on the cellular level will not happen. We fast so that we can purify our bodies. We fast to purify our bodies. When we purify our body, we purify our mind. Fasting and worship used to be the foremost principles of our lifestyle it helps burn fat, it burns excess cholesterol too it means your intestines, liver, the stomach will all get a break whatever excess waste in your body is left will be burned the chance of lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol is so much better when we do intermittent fasting.

As part of nature, throughout our existence, you can say for millions of years when your pets are sick, they don’t eat you don’t see your dog running and eating when he’s sick he stays in a corner and he does not eat there’s a wisdom in that.

Come, we understood how to do 16-hour fasting, we also know its benefits now but do you know there are 3 ways that you can follow to double its benefits? do you want to know what they are? First – detox juice in the morning, 2 hours before breaking your fast, take any vegetable juice – like ash gourd, bottle gourd, cucumber or coconut water think about it this way – when you’re fasting, your body is getting cleaned the toxins accumulated inside start to leave your body when you drink this detox juice, it enters your body and says – “Oh wow! You’re doing cleaning work.

Intermittent Fasting Benefits: Weight Loss, Cell Repair & More

Let us give you a hand!” and the cleaning happens even faster but tea, coffee, smoothie, milk, soup, or fruit juice, you shouldn’t have any of them during your 16 hour fasting period they will instantly stop your cleaning process 2nd – have dinner before 6 pm in the evening why? Because there’s a deep relationship between our digestive fire and the sun

When the sun is at its peak above our head, our digestive fire is at its peak too as the sun sets, our digestive fire goes down too so even if you’re fasting and eating late at night around 9-10 pm, you won’t get its full benefit to eat as early as possible in the evening if you really want it to happen, it will happen.

It will surely happen 3rd – eat Satvic food in the 8-hour window. Some people think – “Oh but we’re doing 16 hours fasting right?” so let me eat whatever I want in these 8 hours. I’ll eat whatever I get!

No! Don’t make this mistake. In the 8-hour eating window, whatever you eat should be Satvic. Satvic food is that food that follows these 4 principles – LWPW which means living, wholesome, plant-based, and water-rich.

To understand the Satvic diet fully, watch this video on our channel – One Diet, All Cures we’ve also shared the link for it in the description box below

Next question – who should follow 16 hour fasting and who should not?

whether you’re a housewife or a businessman, student or a principal, boss or an employee, 16-hour fasting is meant for everyone! if you have any health problem today, any health problem, Diabetes, PCOD, Thyroid, obesity, high BP, joint pain, Sinusitis, auto-immune diseases skin problem, hair problem or any other disease it means some toxins have accumulated inside your body waste has gathered inside and to remove the toxins from your body, to clean it from inside, there’s no way more powerful than fasting so it’s very beneficial to reverse any kind of disease if you’re taking any kind of medication, ask your doctor – how can you adjust your medication with your 16 hours fast?

if you’re Diabetic and you’re afraid if fasting will bring your sugar levels down, then keep some jaggery handy with you in the initial days of fasting and whenever you feel dizzy or feel that your sugar levels are going down, you can have 1/2 teaspoon of jaggery. Keep in mind – if you’re following the entire Satvic lifestyle with 16 hours fasting, then slowly you won’t even need the medicines anymore.

On the other hand, if you’re absolutely fit and have no health problem at all, then 16 hours of fasting will ensure that you remain healthy in the future the 2nd category is people who need to build their body this includes children whose age is below 16 years, underweight people who want to gain weight.

16/8 Intermittent Fasting

pregnant and breastfeeding mothers in situations like these, the body needs more building. So instead of a 16 hour gap, a 12-14 hour gap between breakfast & dinner is fine but if they’re suffering from any health problem or disease, then 16 hour fasting is highly beneficial for them. Follow it until the disease has been completely reversed. If you’re an athlete, which means you exercise for 3-4 hours every day, even then 16 hour fasting is really beneficial for you.

Today, many athletes around the world are doing this today to gain muscle if you exercise really early in the morning, then you can start with 14 hour fasting. Come, now we’ll discuss some frequently asked questions 1st – we’ve started 16 hour fasting, but we faced acidity, headache, tiredness, what do we do?

Come let’s understand why this happens when an alcoholic leaves alcohol, what happens? he faces a lot of withdrawal symptoms in the beginning, a lot of problems, right? but does it mean the alcohol was good? No!

His body is taking some time to adjust because he has been drinking for so long. Just like this, when we eat more than we need, and when we start 16-hour fasting, we should give our body some time to adjust if you’ve never done this before, then maybe you’ll face acidity, headache, or weakness in the beginning but they’re temporary they’ll fade away within 2-4 days. Just be patient.

If you face acidity, headache, or weakness, then you should increase the amount of water you drink during the 16 hours gap, keep sipping some water from time to time use a wet pack and enema too, which we have told you about in our other article. By doing this, acidity, headache, and weakness will go away on their own

2nd question – how long should we do 16 hour fasting for?

Follow it for as long as you wish to be healthy Maybe right now you’re thinking that you have to go out of your way to do it but soon, this will become a part of your lifestyle you won’t even feel like eating anything before 16 hours. Don’t follow it like a diet plan. It’s just one of the laws of Mother Nature and by following this, you’re simply following her laws.

3rd question – should my fasting window remain the same every day?

Or can I fast for different hours during different days too?. As much as possible, try to maintain the fasting window you follow every day so that your body gets used to those timings. but we know it’s not always possible to maintain it may be you’re fasting between 6 pm and 10 am one day, or maybe 7 pm and 11 am. My schedule keeps going through ups and downs. Sometimes I’m traveling, sometimes I have to meet friends, sometimes I reach home later after work. how will I follow 16-hour fasting every day? Look! Even if you travel once a week, or even if you eat late at night, then skip breakfast the next day take juices in the morning, and lunch directly after that If you go to office, plan your schedule so that you can reach home by 6-7 pm.

But I reach home by 8-9 pm. No matter how much we try, we can’t come home what do we do? We understand your situation. In this case, you can fast on weekdays for 14 hours instead of 16 hours. Even if you eat 8-9 pm, eat breakfast only at 10-11 am the next day. And on weekends, to make up for it, you can fast the whole day.

For example – on Sundays, you can fast on juices the whole day your body will get the same benefits. But how will I follow 16 hours fasting by myself without my family? Everyone in my family eats late. Pick a time that’s convenient for both of you. If you want to eat at 6 pm and they want to eat at 8 pm, convince them to eat with you at 7 pm.

16/8 Intermittent Fasting: A Beginner’s Guide

One more important thing. We’ve seen that when people start 16-hour fasting, they feel it’s like a competition, and whoever is not doing it around them, they start looking down on them. There’s an arrogance related to fasting becoming stronger and when no one listens to them, they get angry. Please don’t make this mistake. Never force anyone to do it. And if they don’t listen to you, don’t judge them. The emotions you go through when you fast play a great role as well. If you feel anger, fear, irritation, or sadness while fasting, please reduce your fasting hours from 16 to 14. No problem!

But when you do it, do it when you’re happy, your mind should be calm and don’t pressurize them to do it. Yes, share all its benefits with them. But if they don’t believe it, don’t worry! When they see how disciplined your life is, how many benefits you’re getting, after a few months, they’ll come to you and ask – “What do we have to do?” If you found this video, then please share it with all your friends and family right now so that they too can benefit from good health

And to find out what you have to eat within those 8 hours, read this article That’s it for now. We’ll see you soon!

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