Buy Soma Online: Side Effects, Dosage, Treatment

What is Soma?

Soma belongs to a group of drugs that acts as muscle relaxants. These drugs relax muscles and help alleviate pain from muscle spasms.


Soma and its mechanism of action

Soma works by altering the nerve communication in the spinal cord and the parts of the brain that control the pain sensation. order soma online


Things to consider before ordering Soma Online

Before taking Soma, you need to inform your doctor if you have any of the following conditions or problems:

    • Acute intermittent porphyria
    • Kidney dysfunction
    • Liver dysfunction
    • Allergic to one of its ingredients
    • Sensitivity to the drug meprobamate
    • Sensitivity to the drug felbamate (Felbatol)
    • A history of or risk of seizures
    • A history of drug or substance abuse
    • Already on medications and drugs that slow the brain’s processes, such as alcohol, barbiturates, benzodiazepines (for example, lorazepam[Ativan]), and narcotics. As any drug interactions between any of these drugs, and Soma may increase the effect and cause drowsiness. Buy Soma 500mg online


Side effects of taking Soma

When you buy carisoprodol online, it might cause some temporary side effects like:

    • Headache
    • Sleepiness or drowsiness
    • Dizziness
    • Dry mouth
    • Dry eyes
    • Constipation
    • Trouble urinating


Very rarely severe side effects may be caused by Soma which includes:

    • Severe skin reaction where the skin becomes extremely red peels or develops blisters or large bumps. This is a fatal condition known as erythema multiforme.
    • Swelling of the lips, tongue, and mouth (angioedema)
    • Extreme weakness
    • Poor coordination
    • Paralysis
    • Seizures
    • Dizziness generally or when you stand up (orthostatic hypotension)
    • Feel agitated or confused
    • New infections due to decreased levels of white and red blood cells,known as pancytopenia


Recommended Dosage

The doctor usually prescribes a dosage of 250 mg to 350 mg thrice a day and at bedtime. The recommended maximum duration to use Soma is up to two or three weeks. An overdose may be fatal, and you may notice the following symptoms, including:

    • vision problems
    • confusion
    • hallucinations
    • weak or shallow breathing
    • fainting
    • seizure
    • coma
    • muscle stiffness
    • loss of coordination


If used for prolonged periods and more copious amounts, Soma can be habit-forming and is addictive. You cannot buy Soma Online in the USA without prescription at the stores. But in case of an emergency, it is still possible to buy Soma without prescription online.


Immediately stopping the intake of Soma after using it over a long period may cause withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, it is recommended not to stop using this medication suddenly without consulting your doctor. Your doctor will reduce the dosage gradually instead of eliminating it right away according to the severity of the case. Buy Soma 350mg Online

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