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We see our doctor from time to time. first of all some visit when they experience a new health problem. Likewise some visit as per the requirement of follow up care of ongoing treatment. Probably some see their doctors regularly as a routine follow-up to keep their health in top order, in contrast they are relatively few. The argument is, the only time one should visit a doctor is when one is unwell or cannot fix health problems through medications.

Therefore full body check-up is a routine yearly visit to your doctor to assess your general health. Because it is very important in preventing critical health issues. Furthermore your doctor can evaluate health and diagnose any potential problems that might be in their beginning stages. Due to regular check-ups, the doctor can identify the problem and likewise suggest immediate treatment based on the individual’s condition


Full Body Check Up Includes:

  1. General physical exam include weight, height, blood pressure.
  2. Blood tests determine infections, anemia, or onset of other diseases rate.
  3. Lipid profile helps in assessing cardiovascular risk.
  4. Liver function tests assess the functioning of the liver
  5. Blood sugar test to asses sugar level
  6. Chest x-ray studies the chest and the organs located in the area
  7. ECG helps in determining the heart rate and uniformity of heartbeat.
  8. Urine examination to evaluate the proper functioning of kidneys.


First of all it is not easy task to find a one point solution to all the above tests concerned to whole body check-up in Patna. Furthermore, the patients travelling from nearby places cannot find all the diagnosis easily. Hence, we at our clinic are equipped to provide full body check-up in Patna with all these above mentioned medical tests. We have attractive packages for whole body check-up in Anisabad, Patna clinic.

Dr. Ratan Prakash clinic is committed to provide complete full body check up in Anisabad, Patna at cost effective price. Updated reporting system. Well calibrated machinery have similarly provided good diagnosis reporting. The patients of Patna have given overwhelming positive feedback. After that, the patients have also referred others about this medical. Therefore we are delighted to serve large number of patients each day.

For the appointment booking of full Body Check-up in Patna, Sugar Check-up, ECG Test and Doctor Appointment at our clinic one can make appointment booking through our slot booking appointment section.

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