What is the use of Alphalan pills in the cancer treatment?


Alphalan use in Cancer Treatment

Alphalan is an anti-cancer tablet used to treat multiple myeloma and ovarian cancer. It comes under the class of drugs called alkylating agents. Use of Alphalan helps in damaging the genetic material (DNA and RNA) of cancer cells and stops them from multiplying inside your body. The medicine may take several weeks or months to show the result but you should not stop the medication abruptly as it can cause Alphalan side effects. Wrong consumption of medicine and Alphalan overdose may lead to Alphalan abuse. Regular checkups are required when you are having these tablets. Blood test, liver and heart functioning should regularly be tested while you are on Alphalan dose. Alphalan 2 mg is the required Alphalan dose that is prescribed by the doctors. You can order Alphalan 2 mg online when prescribed by your doctor.

Benefits of Alphalan Tablets

    • In Ovarian Cancer: This cancer initiates from the ovaries and can further spread to the pelvis and stomach. This cancer can be fatal and it is usually detected very late. Alphalan 2 mg can be used to stop the growth of the cancer cells and further multiplication. There can also be Alphalan side effects which should be discussed with your doctor before having it.
    • In Multiple Myeloma: In this cancer, your bone is destroyed faster than it is being replaced in your body. This makes the bones weaker and more likely to break. Alphalan use can help in destroying the cancerous cells and stops them from multiplying further. You cannot buy Alphalan without prescription, so follow your doctor’s advice and have these medicines under his supervision for maximum benefit.

Alphalan dosage and side effects

Alphalan 2 mg should be consumed by an empty stomach. Try not to miss any dose and have it at the same time every day. If by chance you miss a dose and it is almost the time for the second dose then skip the missed Alphalan dose and go back to your regular schedule.

The most common Alphalan Side Effects include:

Nausea, Vomiting, Inflammation of the mouth, hair loss, low RBC and WBC count.

Before having the medicine, consult your doctor in the following conditions:

    • If you are pregnant
    • While breastfeeding, the drug may cause toxicity to the infant
    • Patients with kidney disease

Order Alphalan online

Being a prescription drug, you cannot purchase Alphalan without a prescription. Under your doctors’ observation, you can order Alphalan online and can only have the prescribed Alphalan dose for the prescribed amount of time. If you wish to pay at the time of delivery then you can choose Alphalan 2 mg cod option and can also avail free delivery. In the US these tablets are kept under the controlled category so if you wish to purchase Alphalan online you can choose to order Alphalan online USA to USA option and can get these tablets hassle-free.  

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