How do I start blogging and make money online?

This easy-to-follow step by step tutorial will help you start a blog & build an exciting, profitable, and sustainable business online, even as a complete beginner with zero experience. Let’s begin…

If you are NOT making money online …

If you don’t understand which money-making method you should follow … If you are confused by all the conflicting information out there …

Then this training can help you build a successful online business that runs almost on autopilot while generating income for you.

I am not saying that making money online is easy. But it’s simple. And I can confidently say that anyone with a little brain should be able to do it.

If you’ve never made a single dollar online, it’s the right time to start.

And the purpose behind writing this guide is not just to help you start a blog, but to make it a successful one and of course, make money doing it.

There is two type of blogging methods 

  1. Throught the
  2. Throught the Build your website in WORDPRESS

In these two methods Both are good below i tell you both methods WORDPRESSis good for you guysIf you are thinking to make your Blogging  website in WordPress I will be more than happy to help you.Contact me for futher Discussionvisit here – You are no different. All you need is a burning desire to succeed and a desire to learn the arts and techniques of making money online through blogging.

These 8 Step to make blog in blogger

    Step 1 – Open
    Step 2 – Then open
    Step 3 – Click On Create Your Blog in 
    Step 4 – Register With your Email ID 
    Step 5 – Infront of you show the Dashboard of
    Step 6 – In the Right Side Corner click in new blog 
    Step 7 – Write Your Blog 
    Step 8 –  Publish your Blog 

These 6 Step to make blog in WORDPRESS

Step 1 – Get a Domain & Web Hosting   

Step 2 – Concern to developer whose make your web in word press    

Step 3 – Identify Your Niche    

Step 4 – Configure Your Blog    

Step 5 – Writing Contents    

Step 6 – Monetize/Make Money Online

If you have any questions or if you get stuck with any step, I will be more than happy to help you. You can contact me and ask me for free advice.

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