10 Tips To Look Effortlessly Expensive

10 Tips for you so that you can look effortlessly expensive and put together. My dear elegant ladies, I need to talk to you about something that I think a lot of you have experienced. I personally hate those days when you wake up and you realize that, you know, I don’t have a single clue of what I’m going to wear today at all. You might even have a look at that pile next to you, full of clothes. You might walk into your wardrobe and you see everything, but then you tell yourself, I don’t have anything to wear. And you might even feel quite bored with all the things that you have, even though you’re sitting on abundance of clothes, just waiting to be worn.

This is fully normal, ladies. And I think every woman on the planet earth has at some point felt this way. But what do we do on such days? And how do we quickly snap out of that type of funk? Ladies, there are tricks and hacks that you can do for a quick wardrobe pick me up where all you do is just adding a little bit of spice to your existing look. This will instantly make you look better,make you feel much more confident, and ladies not going to hold back anymore. Let me share those 10 tips with you right now. 10 Tips To Look Effortlessly Expensive.

Tip number 1 – 10 Tips To Look Effortlessly Expensive

Tip number one, add a belt to your look. And ladies in particular, if you wearing a dress or a skirt, wear a belt kind of makes sense. You see, sometimes dresses or skirts can look a little bit dull if nothing is added to them. And when you feel like, I just feel like this dress is so boring. What you do is experiment with belts. 10 Tips To Look Effortlessly Expensive.

A great tip is to really try and collect belts in all kinds of textures, colors etc. Like that, you really have a lot of variations to experiment with on those days you feel like your dress or skirt needs a little pick me up. What I really like about adding about is that not only is that an accessory, so it adds a little bit of kind of flavor to your outfit, but it also adds a lot of femininity. It creates a silhouette of a woman. It accentuates her waist, and this is great, great way to dress yourself. But if you have a body shape that is more of an oval or apple, then this is not going to be suitable for you.

Tip number 2 – 10 Tips To Look Effortlessly Expensive

Tip number two, don’t wear what everybody else is wearing. I’m talking about don’t wear what all the plain Janes out there are wearing, ladies. You know, clothes that are so incredibly common that when you wear it, you look like every other Joe out there. Okay? So we don’t want to look boring. We don’t want to look dull. That’s why we avoid what everybody’s wearing. And I’m not talking about like interesting trends or, you know, classic pieces. I’m really talking about what the masses are wearing. Such clothes can be as an example, skinny blue jeans or skinny blue jeans paired with ankle boots. You can also have some cheap looking jackets. You can have some kind of relaxed tee shirts or leggings.

There are also like many other things such as like the mom jeans or the kind of Levi’s style shorts. The reason why I’m giving you these tips is because I want you to look better than the average Joe. When you look a little bit different, a little bit better, that’s when you going to look more effortlessly expensive. And you’re also going to look very put together because the general mass, they don’t look like that. So you’re going to have a benefit there. It’s really that simple.

Tip number 3 – 10 Tips To Look Effortlessly Expensive

Tip number three, wear a hat. So you know, those days when you have a bad hair day or you feel like you look so boring, you have no idea how to add a little bit of flavor to yourself. What do we do? Well, we add a hat to our outfit. Because a hat instantly adds glamour. As you can see, you can have an out door hat for fall or winter, or you can have more of a summer beach hat for daytime that you can wear to the beach club for a nice lunch. You can also have the option of wearing something a little bit more dressed up.

Let’s say to formal events, you can have a little fascinator or a pillbox as your hat. There are also like some very elegant headbands, or you can add a little ribbon as a detail. Most people forget to accessorize up here, which is why if you do that, you’re going to first of all, stand out. But you’re also going to discover this very quick hack of how to just throw something on your head and instantly,you look more glamorous. 10 Tips To Look Effortlessly Expensive

Tip number 4

Tip number four, wear a sleek and stylish coat. Now let’s say, you’re wearing something really simple, but you want to add something to your look that will elevate everything. What would such item be, ladies? Well, I told you already, a sleek coat. But what is such a thing as a sleek coat? A sleek coat for me is a really well-made coat, a coat of a kind of sturdier material where the edges are sharp and the cuts clean and very tailored. And the tailoring is actually quite important in this case, because to some degree you could getaway with a coat from Zara or Mango if you will take that coat to a tailor and just adjust it properly to your body.

Then maybe a coat like that, which is a more fast fashion coat will achieve a little bit of sleekness. But my suggestion for this is to really invest in the mid range or designer coats. Because when you wear such a big piece on your body, you’re going to see how your entire look is going to elevate it, even if you wear some really boring clothes underneath.

Tip number 5

Tip number five, get a blow dry. Now, try and get a blow dry as often as you possibly can afford. Because I really believe that beautiful hair creates miracles to you and in particular for your overall look. Now you could do your own blow dry and sure, why not, especially if you are on a budget. However, unless you are a professional or you have learned the skills of a professional, it’s not exactly the same as when proper professional does your hair and really it like really nice and beautiful. At least that’s how it is for my hair, ladies. My hair is very difficult to style by myself. I need to go to a hairdresser to really get that perfected look.

So that’s something that I really think is important to spend money on, even if it’s not going to last year more than let’s say 48 hours. When you have a blow dry, it is like wearing an accessory, right? Because your hair does so much to your whole appearance and you can wear something really basic here,but your whole hair when it’s like, you know, a bit like that. It’s just going to make you look likeva va boom type of thing.

boost to a mood

And ladies, if I could choose just one thing that would make me look the most expensive, it will definitely be a blow dry. When your hair is together., when it’s not like dry, frizzy, whatever, then you just look amazing. And you know one more thing, a blow dry is also an instant boost to a mood.

And this something that I personally do when I want to kind of spice up my mood a little bit, you know, not feel so gloomy and just pamper myself a little bit. Every time I’m in a bad mood and I go to the hair salon and I get this gorgeous blow dry, I feel amazing after. So definitely well worth the investment. Ladies, did you know that there isn’t just one elegant style personality? And you know, people often think that you can only dress elegantly if you dress in a conservative manner, but you know what? This is not true. Now I want you to find out what your elegant style personality is by taking my Facebook quiz that I have personally prepared just for you ladies, visit stylepersonalityquiz.com. And so your Facebook quiz today.

Tip number 6

Tip number 6, keep it minimal,my dear elegant ladies. Now less is more, especially on days when you have absolutely no clue what you are doing. Now, to tell you the truth though, even if you know what you’re doing, the minimal style has always been a very favorable style by the affluent community in terms of how they dress. Because you know, less is more sometimes. But as a result, ladies, we have associated the minimalistic look with looking expensive, which is why you should embrace this because it’s so full-proof, it’s so easy to just put together something in minimal. And it always works.

Now, when I say wear minimal,I’m saying one color, no prints, maybe even monochrome. Focus on clean lines interns of how the styling goes and also play around mostly with neutral colors, because that’s really what makes that chicness come out. It makes a person look more expensive with kind of minimal effort or knowledge on fashion styling. The really importance here though, is try to buy clothes that are somehow of good material. Because when you wear that type of style, the material really gets put in focus.It really comes out. So think about that.

Tip number 7

Tip number seven. So we just spoke about minimal fashion and yes, it’s really a safe bet to look chic and expensive. But ladies, it’s not the only shortcuts. If you’re somebody who feels like, you know, what, minimalist, neutral colors, it makes me look wash out, it is boring to me, I’m a little bit more flamboyant or a fashionista. And if you want to know what that is, visit stylepersonalityquiz.com So for this reason, ladies, I want to give you this tip of really adding color when you feel very boring or you don’t really know what to wear because you kind of lost in space. I personally love taking my separate.

Let’s say, a pair of trouser or a skirt and the top, and mix and match them in different colors and kind of play around with color combining. But this is a thing is that you can find so many interesting color combinations that will add instant flavor to your outfit and also kind of elevate it, making it look much more expensive, just because it’s a little bit different. Now, remember when I said, do not dress like the masses, that’s exactly what you do when you start adding color to your wardrobe. Because the masses ladies, they don’t wear color like that. But if you wear color in sophisticated way, in the right way, by understanding how colors can be combined, then you’re going to look amazing and not boring whatsoever.

Tip number 8

Tip number eight. We need to talk about hair again, ladies,because it is that important. Okay? Now I told you that it’s such a big part of a person’s appearance because I see hair almost like a helmet. You know, we’re wearing this helmet, right? And this helmet is like this accessory that I just said. So obviously, if you want to look expensive and chic, you should take this helmet into account. How does your helmet look like? So I really think that in tip number eight, we should really see if your hair type and your face shape allows play around.

Well, okay, maybe not play around because we do not want to play around with hair. We don’t want to make any stupid decisions up here, but try and see if you can get some form of a more trendy hairstyle, but something that is easy to style.

You know, I’m going to be honest with you, ladies. I personally, hair is like one of my weakest things. I have very fine thin hair that I can’t really do much with. And one of the things I wish I wish I could have is this voluminous hair, you know, just like throwing it around. I feel like I’m throwing my hair out a lot today, but that’s because, you know, I don’t have it. But yes, I am not really a good advocate for this point, to be honest with you. Because I just wear my hair the same day in and day out because I can’t really do much with my hair.


My hair type does not allow me to. But most of you, you will not have fine and thin hair. So you can definitely try and see if there is a hairstyle that is cool, maybe a little bit more fashionable, maybe a little bit trendy.

Even though, I know this channel is about kind of classic and timeless and elegance, but you know what? But you know, there are also many interesting hairstyles that are actually timeless. So have a consultation with your hairdresser to see what you could actually achieve. And the good thing is that when you have this really cool hairstyle, it will really impact your entire look because it will be the center of the attention. And like I said before, you might be wearing something really boring, but because your hairstyle is so interesting and maybe fashionable or something, it will instantly add a lot of flavor to you.

Tip number 9

Tip number nine. And I know my petite ladies are going to enjoy this one. I want you to elongate your silhouettes if you feel really bored with your look one day. Ladies, this is how it works. The taller the legs look, the more beautiful and outfit tend to look. When we have that really long silhouette, think Victoria Secret really long legs. But the good news is for all of the shorties is that you can actually fake this by wearing platform heels hidden under your long boot cut trousers.

This is actually one of my favorite styling hacks. And I’ve spoken about this before. And I also said that Victoria Beckham is a master of this hack, plus she’s also petite. I love this in particular with dark trousers, but you can of course find other colors to do this with. The point is that the shoe shouldn’t really be visible. There should be no kind of accent on the shoe.


The only exception though is if you have a very pointy shoe, then that could actually look really nice and even elongate the leg even more when the point kind of sticks out underneath the trouser. So if you ever want to wear really high heels, stilettos and platforms, then the only time I would really recommend to do so is when you wear them under such trousers. Because I would personally not advise usually to just wear them out to the open like that because it’s easy to look a little bit tacky. Okay? But when they’re under a pair of trousers, who cares? Just wear them. Last tip, ladies and tip number 10.

Tip number 10

I want you to immediately, after you finished watching all the articles on my blog, of course, go and get rid of all your clothes, like clothes that are no longer serving you. We’re talking about clothes with the wrong color, that don’t fit properly or maybe clothes that even just as run their course. At some point, we have to say goodbye, even if we really liked something 10, 1500 years ago. So to really answer your question about how to look effortless expensive, and always put together is to get rid of the stuff that makes you look unattractive.

It’s really that simple. It’s a science, I would say. Do not hold onto something or wear something just because you once paid for it. That is a very cheapskate mentality by the way. And no elegance or affluent lady everything’s like that. So that belongs as the old you. We are rewiring our mindset right now to step things up a notch. So that type of attitude is not going to serve you, my dear elegant ladies.

fashion mistakes are commonly made by beginners

Look your Best

I know that you didn’t have me back then guiding you forward in this fashion jungle. But ladies, we are starting fresh now, new you, new wardrobe, throw out or okay, donate, give away what is no longer serving you. I want you to look your best. So if you’re going to look your best, we don’t afford having things in your wardrobe that are currently holding you back just because it’s sentimental or you’ve paid for it or for whatever reason. It’s time to let go.

And it’s time to curate the wardrobe that we know is going to elevate you. And from now on, that’s the only thing we’re going to do. We’re going to only buy clothes that are aligned with the message of the new you, of the elegant you, of the feminine you, of the person that you want to become. Now, ladies, I know its so sad.

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