13 Different types of makeup brushes

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Investigating all the types of makeup brushes is a daunting challenge alone. So, we’ve distilled the options down to the most useful and multi-use tools. Knowing how to use makeup brushes allows for the precision and control you need to achieve a diverse range of looks.

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GENERAL FACE BRUSHES – type of makeup brushes

1. Tapered Foundation Brush

13 Different types of makeup brushes

A good foundation brush will have straight, flexible bristles that you can use to apply your foundation to your face. It’s essential when using this brush that you work the product into the skin to avoid harsh lines or streak marks.

When applying the foundation, start by dotting the product on your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin, and then use the brush to blend it over your entire face.

2. Stippling Brush – type of makeup brushes

13 Different types of makeup brushes

To use, Stippling Brush apply the product to the top of the bristles, and then work it into the skin in circular motions, taking care to really buff out any harsh lines and create an even coverage. You can also use a stippling motion, moving the brush up and down to dot the product onto your face. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure the foundation around your jawline and neck is evenly buffed in for the most airbrushed, natural look.

3. Powder Brush – 13 Different types of makeup brushes

13 Different types of makeup brushes

When using a Powder Brush you can apply the product very lightly, as the brush is designed to distribute the product evenly for you. In fact, you should tap off the excess product on the brush before applying it to your face.

4.Kabuki Brush

13 Different types of makeup brushes

Applying loose powder or body shimmer.

Need to set your makeup with finishing powder? Dip your kabuki brush into the product and spread evenly across your face. Be careful not to press to aggressively so as to avoid disrupting the placement of your blush, highlighter, etc.

5.Contour Brush

13 Different types of makeup brushes

6.Fan Brush

13 Different types of makeup brushes

Applying highlighter, brush away makeup mistakes, and blend out dark lines.

You can also use fan brushes to diffuse color. Mellow out dark blush by fanning away the intensity.

An alternative use for fan brushes is to use them as an applicator for lotion, sunscreen, or concealer. It’s a gentle, soothing way to apply all manners of skincare products.

7.Eye Shadow Brush

13 Different types of makeup brushes

Applying swaths of general color to your eyelids.This is a great tool to use for eye shadow primer, as well. Simply dip the brush into the shadow, tap off excess, and apply to lids. For a more pigmented effect, you can dip the brush in water.

8.Eye Shadow Crease Brush

13 Different types of makeup brushes

Eye shadow crease brushes generally have a gentle taper; this allows tight precision when you’re adding in the final touches of your smoky eye.

9.Eyeliner Brush

13 Different types of makeup brushes

A great way to start on building your cat-eye prowess is by using the hash or dot method. Use the eyeliner brush to make small hashes or dots along your lash line and a final dot where the tip of the wing will go. Connect the dots to get to cat-eye perfection.

If you really want precision, you can use a stencil or even tape if you want to make sure the angles of both your wings match.

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10.Brow Brush

Used for taming and styling your brows.

Most brow brushes come double-sided—a comb side and a brush side. You can calm even the most unwieldy brows with a duo-brow brush. First, use the comb to straighten and form your brow shape.

11.Mascara Wand or Spoolie

After curling, sweep up your mascara wand, making sure to squeegee excess product on the opening of the mascara tube to avoid excess mascara on your lashes—this way, you won’t have spider lashes or an overly sticky upper and lower lash situation.

tip: if you love a certain mascara wand, but don’t love the mascara formula, keep the wand, sanitize it, and use it with a different formula.

12.Lip Brush

To precisely apply lipstick, gloss and other lip products.

So, to solve this problem you should invest in a lip brush. Simply dip the brush into your lip product and apply directly to your lips. Finish the look with a similarly colored liner.

13.Lip Liner Brush

Flat and tapered, lip liners help finish your lip look. Precisely line your lips, smooth over imperfections, and gracefully shape your mouth.

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