How To Walk With Elegance & Confidence In Heels

Why do some women make heads turn when they enter a room? How To Walk With Elegance & Confidence In Heels. Of course it has to do with their walk, which is why I’m going to share their secrets on how to walk elegantly and be memorable at the same time. My dear elegant ladies, welcome back to another blog. Ladies, let’s dive straight into this topic because there are three points that I want to share with you, which will really simplify the understanding of the elegant walk.

Pull back your shoulder

First of all, all of you know that in order to look elegant when you walk, you have to have good posture. And good posture is easily explained that you have to have your back straight. You have to pull back your shoulder sand you have to also have your chin up. That’s really the basics for good posture, but it’s something that needs to be practiced continuously. We do not have good posture forever.

How is your posture?

That’s something that we can lose at any point in life. So, one thing that I want you to start doing today is to put a daily reminder for yourself multiple times a day. How is your posture? Straighten yourself up, pull your shoulders back, back straight, try and connect with those back muscles in your back so that they really pull you up and keep you there. The more you practice these back muscles, the stronger they will become and the easier it will be for you to actually have a constant good posture. Ladies, posture is one thing and I know that we all know about this already. However, number two is the actual walk. How To Walk With Elegance & Confidence In Heels

Standard good posture

How do we walk elegantly in the heels on top of it? Not everybody knows how to walk elegantly in heels. And if you don’t, then you must start practicing today. Start by wearing heels at home. Start by walking as much as possible in heels, preferably in front of a mirror. Now there are a few tips that I’m going now to give you when it comes to walking in heels. To look elegant, feminine,and confident when you walk, the following principles will apply. First of all, ladies, it’s all about the posture. You need to have the standard good posture, meaning your shoulders should be pulled back. Your back has to be straight and your chin has to be up so that you engage your neck. Now it’s easy to end up looking a bit stiff.

So if you only focus on your posture, which is why we want to add a bit of feminine energy in our walks, so that we don’t end up looking too stiff. So add this femininity by focusing on adding hip action and having softer movements. Now hip action is felt by adding some swing into your hip, gently pressing your hip out as you take a step.

Full hip swing – Walk With Elegance & Confidence In Heels

This will require a bit of practice in front of a mirror. So please try and do that. But a little tip from me is to walk in a straight line and practice putting one foot in front of the other as you walk, because this will help you achieve a full hip swing. Now to achieve softer movements when you walk, focusing walking gently with your feet. Treat your feet with delicacy. Do not rush and focus on taking smaller steps.

How To Walk With Elegance & Confidence In Heels

We naturally take bigger steps when we don’t wear heels. So when you’re wearing heels, be conscious of how big your steps are. Take smaller steps. And lastly, ladies, it’s very feminine and ladylike to keep your shoulders down and elongating your neck while keeping your elbows tucked in neatly with your body as you walk. This will make you look proud, look soft and make you look elegant. Now ladies, the last point to be able to be memorable, to make heads turn and to really execute this as a true elegant lady. Guess what you need.

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Need to add confidence – How To Walk With Elegance & Confidence In Heels

You need to add confidence to your walk and confidence is a state of being and is an emotion. Even if you don’t really feel confident, it’s so easy to actually fake confidence, especially as you walk. My advice is to watch fashion shows catwalk, catwalk models. How do they do it? Look how confident they all look. I’m not sure they are confident all of them, but they sure seem to be faking it really well.

And I want you to play some theater. Pull out a mirror at home and start practicing what the catwalk models are doing just for the sake of practicing that confidence. And that’s basically what you have to do. Now in my signature program called, Secrets Of The Elite Woman, I actually have a whole masterclass on deportment’s. And parts of deportment is actually learning how to have good posture, how to walk elegantly, how to sit down, how to open doors, close doors, enter rooms, etc.

Elite Woman program – How To Walk With Elegance & Confidence In Heels

So I do go much deeper on the subject in Secrets Of The Elite Woman program. To join this program, you have to visit and put yourself on the wait list. Now, ladies, this is by far the best and easiest way to understand the elegant walk, when you split it up in posture, walk and confidence. You need to really master those three areas and you need to start practicing them. Only then will you be able to elevate your first impression and become this elegant, confident woman that you’re striving to become.

This works even if you’re shy,introvert or socially awkward, but all you have to do is to start practicing it and faking it till you making it in the beginning. Trust me, it will work the more you practice. Now ladies, I have more content on body language.

The next blog that I want you to watch is called, Body Language Secrets That Men Find Attractive. And you’re going to find great source of information there and plenty of things to apply to your feminine body language. I will see you in that blog.

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