Is Megan Fox really Filipino? (Even Though She’s Not)

Is Megan Fox really Filipino? It’s a question that has been hotly debated in various online forums since she was cast in the lead role of Jennifer Lopez’s directorial debut, Maid in Manhattan. Now, the debate rages on with the release of her upcoming blockbuster, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Some say her eyes and mouth prove she has Filipino ancestry, but others argue that she doesn’t look like any Filipina they know (or have seen on TV or in movies). Is she really Filipino?

Who is Megan Fox?

Is Megan Fox Really Filipino?
Is Megan Fox Really Filipino?

We all know who Megan Fox is, she’s a Hollywood actress that has played in a few big hit movies like Jennifer’s Body and Transformers. Recently people started asking if Megan fox is really Filipino? With her bronze skin tone and curly hair, it makes sense to believe that she could be of some sort of Asian descent. However, she wasn’t born in Manila or even moved there when she was young. So how did so many people come to their conclusion?

Is Megan fox originally from the Philippines?

Is Megan Fox Really Filipino?
Is Megan Fox Really Filipino?

Most of you probably know that actress Megan Fox was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. But it’s still a popular misconception that she hails from The Philippines. This misconception started when an online quiz called What Race Am I? predicted that Ms. Fox was 75% Asian, 20% White, and 5% Hispanic. Assuming they meant Filipina, many readers believed that to be true—and it has persisted ever since. Of course, you can tell by looking at her freckles and light eyes: that she isn’t Asian! Moreover, her mother—who actually did hail from The Philippines for a time before returning to America—looks nothing like her daughter either… Although there are plenty of Filipinas who look like Ms.

Is Megan Fox Really Filipino?

The story has gained traction on Facebook and other social media sites in large part because of a well-circulated photo of Megan Fox that appears to show her with a dark complexion, broad nose, full lips, and coarse hair. If you look closely at that picture, however, you’ll notice two things: 1. The woman depicted isn’t actually Megan Fox; 2. Even if it were her — which it isn’t — it would still be impossible to tell whether she was Filipino or not based on appearance alone. Without more information about who she is and where she’s from, we just can’t say anything one way or another about a person’s ethnicity based solely on how they look.

Megan fox net worth – Is Megan Fox really Filipino?

Is Megan Fox Really Filipino?
Is Megan Fox Really Filipino?

40 million dollars. Is it possible? I said yes, because of her eyes. When she went to high school in her hometown, everyone was asking if Megan Fox is Filipino. She did not know what they were talking about so she asked someone who lives in the Philippines.

Megan fox age – Is Megan Fox really Filipino?

The movie star was born on May 16, 1986. That makes her 36 years old. She has been in a number of blockbusters over her 15-year career, including two Transformers movies, Jennifer’s Body and This Is 40. The film that made her famous though was 2007’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen as Mikaela Banes, Shia LaBeouf’s love interest and an aspiring mechanic herself.

Megan fox husband – Is Megan Fox really Filipino?

Brian Austin Green. He’s a famous American actor, producer, and model best known for his role in Beverly Hills, 90210, and films like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Pearl Harbor.

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Who is Megan Fox’s new husband?

She has been married to Brian Austin Green since 2010. And even though it may seem like he was never famous, you might remember him from shows like Beverly Hills 90210 and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. He has had a few acting roles in films including Idle Hands, but nothing that would earn him fame.

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Megan fox movies

Is Megan Fox Really Filipino?
Is Megan Fox Really Filipino?

Millions of people around the world know actress Megan Fox for her role in Transformers, but not as many people know that she is also from an Asian background. Unfortunately, a lot of these fans only associate Ms. Fox with being half Filipino because they have seen her before on various websites and magazines claiming that she has Filipino blood flowing through her veins.

Megan fox children

So, while you may be able to rule out Pacific Islanders, Samoans and Maoris – there’s still a chance that Megan Fox could be part Filipino! How? Well – she has two children, who are half-Filipino. In 2009, she adopted her son Noah Shannon Green and in 2010 adopted her daughter Bodhi Ransom Green. Their father is Brian Austin Green. Brian Austin Green was born in 1972 in Flushing Queens.

Megan fox ring

You see Megan fox ring on her left index finger in Jonah Hex movie. It was believed that she wore it because she wanted to tell us something about her ancestry. The funny thing about Megan’s fox ring is that many Filipinos noticed it and started posting pictures of it online. There was even a trending topic about Megan fox ring on Facebook with more than 700,000 likes on February 10, 2010.

Megan fox parents

The actress isn’t ethnically Filipino; she has German, Irish, English, and Scottish ancestry. Her father, who worked as a United States Marine, was born in Texas and her mother was born in Kentucky. However, in 2007, talk show host Wendy Williams claimed that Megan’s grandmother is actually from The Philippines. This sparked rumors about Fox being ethnically Filipino — though these rumors were false.

who is Megan fox married to

While Megan may have been married twice before, she’s currently single and has been since her divorce from Brian Austin Green in 2015. While there are many contenders for why people think that she might be Filipino (on top of being a beautiful woman), most would agree that it’s because of one thing: how similar her last name is to two actual Philippine surnames.

Megan fox no makeup

The first point people make about Megan Fox’s supposed Filipino heritage is that she has an obvious Filipina nose. However, her nose isn’t noticeably different from other celebrities who are not of Asian descent; in fact, there are many European-looking celebrities with noses similar to hers. For example, Rose Byrne and Jennifer Aniston both have noses that are slightly upturned at their peaks—not exactly a trait found exclusively in Asians.

Megan fox net worth 2021

Megan Fox might be most famous for her appearance in Transformers, but she is not only an actress. The actress and model have a net worth of $28 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. She was born on May 16, 1986, in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The movie star also holds a Filipina ethnicity which makes her half-Filipino through her mother.

Is Megan Fox Really Filipino?

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