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Do you know how many people have had visions, ideas and huge career moves that they were about to make and they allowed the word no to stop them Boldly walk into the room with your head held up high and if they don’t get it, laugh about it. LOVE YOURSELF AGAIN AND AGAIN.

Don’t disown your ideas because they’re disowning your ideas, don’t lose confidence in your ideas because they don’t have confidence in your ideas, don’t be afraid to walk into the unfamiliar, don’t be afraid to do what’s deep inside of you to do.

My advice to the young people 25 years old make enough mistakes, don’t worry You fall you stand up. You fall, you stand up Enjoy it, I mean, 25 years old enjoy the show, enjoy the show. The day you become convinced the day you stop evaluating yourself. LOVE YOURSELF AGAIN AND AGAIN.

The day you stop growing the day you stopped getting better is the day you die is the day the person who’s trying to catch you will get you. Don’t give up. Don’t give up. Stay in it. Stay focused. You have a purpose in this world. and you will only find it if you KEEP GOING AND KEEP GROWING this is not the time to look down on yourself.

This is the time for you to look up to see the greatest to see the greatness within you. Your creation has meaning Something great brought you here There was a purpose and there’s a purpose now. And that purpose is great because you exist in it GREATNESS is within you GREATNESS is a part of you but to be great. LOVE YOURSELF AGAIN AND AGAIN

you’ve got to believe in it keeps focusing on your dream keep going after the dream because that’s where true success is I will get to the top You will not stop me. No one can I have an unconquerable will Nothing can get in my way. Nothing can stop me from moving forward. LOVE YOURSELF AGAIN AND AGAIN

History will remember my name. I will show you who I am the major key to your witching, your dream. When you look at successful people Do you think WHY NOT ME? The major key to your reaching your dream. You’re living up to your greatness you’re making, your contribution is you. Your first goal. This is what I’m suggesting your first goal.

When you open up your eyes should be to focus on the things that ignite your spirit and bring you joy. I want you to focus on the things that you appreciate in your life. The things that you’re grateful for, I don’t care who it is or what it is. It’s the person lying next to you. Maybe you’re thinking of your children.

Maybe you’re thinking of the dog or the cat line by the side of the bed, a particular goal that you achieve that maybe there’s an event coming up on the weekend. Maybe, maybe you’re meeting with Your friends for lunch, you see folks, it doesn’t matter who it is or what it is.

There’s always something to be grateful for it to appreciate. And what I’m asking you to do in those few moments before you crank and get into your day is to focus on these things. Why am I asking you to do this? Because an attitude of gratitude simply makes you feel good feeling good is the fuel that drives motivation.

We’ve all made wrong choices, doing things that we knew were not the best. It’s one thing when other people do as long, we had a bad break. It wasn’t our fault. We can have faith that God will restore us. He’ll pay us back. But when we bring the trouble ourselves,

when we blow it, It’s easy to live in regrets, thinking that God’s not going to help us. We made the mess, but here’s the beauty. God knew you would mess up before he called you. He knew we would get off course at times, give in to temptation. He didn’t base his plan for your life on you. Making perfect decisions. And most people, uh, when they have a thought, they just think that that’s the truth. And I think one of the greatest realizations in my own journey was just because you have a thought that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true.

So, if you think 60 to 70,000thoughts in one day and we do, and 90% of those thoughts are the same thoughts as the day before. And you believe that your thoughts have something to do with your destiny. Your life’s not going to change very much because the same thought leads to the same choice.

The same choice leads to the same behavior. The same behavior creates the same experience and the same experience produces the same emotion And so than the act of becoming of this process too, to begin to become more aware, Of how you think, how you act and how you feel it’s called meta cognition. And so then why is that important?

Because the more conscious you become of those unconscious States of mind and body, the less likely you’re going to go unconscious during the day. And that thought is not going to slip by your awareness unchecked because it means to know thyself and the word meditation means to become familiar with.

So as you become familiar with the thoughts, the behaviors, and the emotions of the old self, you’re retiring that old self as you fire and wire new thoughts and condition the body into a new emotional state.

If you do that enough times, it will begin to become familiar to you. You don’t know what you need in your life. Until you figure out who you are. And so I find too many people rush into relationships without really recognizing and being fully aware of what they need from a relationship.

So it all comes back to how aware are you, how much understanding do you have of yourself and what you need, and what you want? That’s my best advice for a relationship in like a minute.

And then the third question I mostly get asked is Jay, what do you read? Like, what are your favorite books? Because it seems you read a lot. What are your top three books? They’re not groundbreaking in the sense that people may not be like,

Oh my God, that’s the best book I’ve ever read for me They changed my life. So that’s where I’m coming at a point from. I love to start with why by Simon Sinek and not because I applied it to businesses because I applied it to my life. And even today I’m constantly refining mine why.

That’s all I do every day. My deepest morning routine and practices to refine why I do want to do it’s so easy for me to now do it for money. It’s so easy for me to now do it for followers. It’s so easy for me to now do it for fame. And every day I have to refine that because I know having lived as a monk and what I practice. And if those become what I want, then I’ll forget who I need to be.

So my daily practice, my daily routine is refining my intention, which in modern languages. Why? the moment you decide to do something differently, get ready because it’s going to feel uncomfortable. It’s going to feel unfamiliar. There’s going to be some uncertainty. You’re not going to be able to predict the next moment.

That means you’ve left your known biology and you’re stepping into the unknown, theoretically. That sounds great. But if the body has been conditioned into a familiar feeling, it’s in the unknown the moment you take it outside the familiarity, it wants to go back to what’s where it’s comfortable. So the body starts influencing the mind. And this is where people say, “Oh, why don’t you start your diet tomorrow?” “Oh, why don’t you start working out this evening?” you really never gonna change. You know, you’re too tired.


You have a headache, you know, this doesn’t feel right.” and this is where people talk themselves out of it, because if they respond to that thought, that thought leads to the same choice, which leads to the same behavior creates the same experience, produces the same feeling. And then they say “this feels right.” No, that feels familiar. So going from one state of mind and body to another state of mind and body, you got to cross a river.

The hardest part about change is not making the same choice as you did the day before. Now, once people understand that they’re going to be uncomfortable, then the question is, what thoughts do you want to fire and wire in your brain?

What behaviors will you demonstrate in one day in the act of closing your eyes and rehearsing who you’re going to be When you open your eyes? begins to install neurological hardware in your brain to look like you’ve already done it. Now, the brain, which is typically a record of the past now becomes a map to the future.

And if you keep doing it, the hardware begins to become a software program and you start behaving differently. And then if you can teach your body emotionally, what the future will feel like, that means, then you’re not going to wait for your wealth to feel abundant or your success to feel empowered or your new relationship to feel love.

In fact, the moment you start feeling abundant, you’re generating wealth. The moment you start embracing empowerment, you’re stepping towards your success. The moment you’re in love with yourself and you’re in love with life. You start creating equals in your life.

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