The effect of the pandemic on the practices of professional musicians and artists in London

As a working musician, I have experienced first-hand the devastating effects on my professional work due to Covid-19. Like many other artists in the capital, in has been imperative to adapt to the shift towards a primarily on-line practice. Those that relied on studio facilities to produce their work have found themselves needing to utilize their homes in order to produce professional grade work.

Those fortunate enough to own their properties have been adapting and refitting bedrooms, sheds, garden rooms, second bathrooms and many other home spaces into high quality studios. The stats support this phenomenon, taking a South London borough as a case study, loft conversions in Wandsworth for example have skyrocketed, as well as the demand for soundproof casement windows to ensure harmonious relations to neighbors remain intact!

This is of course can be a costly affair, often needing the skills of architectural design services, acousticians and electrical engineers in order to carry out the adaptions. There is some help available through the government that can go some way to help insulate your property through the green homes grant, although purposed for heat insulation, this can also help with sound proofing.

These are clearly challenging times for artists living and working in the capital. That said, it is possible envisage a time after the dust has settled from the pandemic, when creators find themselves more self-sufficient and making savings by the removal of expensive overheads from rented spaces and office cleaning services etc. In terms of local economy, this may also see benefits with these savings passed on to a variety of businesses that would have otherwise not been frequented by the archetypal cash-strapped artist/musician!

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