Top 5 best t-shirt style every man should buy from roots & wings store

T-shirts are considered the most comfortable thing to wear, and it always gets top priority in one’s shopping list. There is no secret that wearing jeans and a t-shirt brings out the best in men, and it is the staple of all men’s casual wardrobe. Roots and Wings t-shirt t-shirts are not only light and comfortable but also gives a trendy look.

The one carrying it will feel the love in every fibre. We have so many colours, styles and fit available in t-shirts that will give you a fabulous look, and for this reason, everyone will love to keep a collection of Roots and Wings t-shirts in their cupboard. Below is the list of the five best t-shirt style that every man should buy from our store.

1. Olive green Beuta Half sleeve round neck t-shirt

Every man should have at least one pair of the graphic t-shirt. This incredibly flexible t-shirt features attractive fonts, bold prints and patterns. This Roots and Wings graphic tee is Karan’s choice t-shirt, and it will double your cheerfulness, and everything will look brighter when one wear this printed active apparel. One can stand out at public places, have a coffee with friends, or hang out by wearing this graphic t-shirt.

Styling tip: On a regular day, pair this t-shirt with good denim or jeans. For a semi-formal look, pair it up with pants and coats or a jacket.

2. Orange half sleeve striped round neck t-shirt

A striped t-shirt is a must-have in everyone’s closet. It gives a superior and classic look that fits the personal style of every man. If printed t-shirts are a little too loud for your taste, a striped tee is a perfect alternative to brighten up your outfit.

Styling tip: Whether horizontal or vertical stripes t-shirt, one can pair it up with jeans, joggers or track pants to get a fabulous look. For a formal look, wear a plain shirt or blazer over the t-shirt for getting extra style points.

3. Plain blue half sleeve round neck t-shirts

Plain t-shirts are the best option for men who wish to prefer a minimal and clean look. This simple basic and a classic t-shirt is timeless and will never go out of fashion. They are easy to mix and match and also can be worn on almost any occasion. One can select this blue t-shirt to wear without a second thought by looking from the closet.

Styling tip: If you are having a casual day, pair it up with jeans or chinos and a complete look with a simple pair of shoes. They are also perfect for working out at the gym or lounging around. This t-shirt will take you from day to night with ease and comfort.

4. Yellow half sleeve polo neck t-shirt

Polo t-shirt comes with a collar with typically two or three buttons and an additional pocket. These t-shirts are versatile as they can be worn in every event like golf, formal event, hanging out with friends or running errands. These are best for those men who have a lean body frame as they create an illusion of a fuller upper body. Polo tees are the perfect way to balance the work wear by keeping it cosy, chill and classy. Mixing and matching it with formal pieces will give an ultra-sophisticated yet comfort look even at work.

Styling tips: – For a complete formal and meeting look, pair it up with a blazer and pants underneath. For a casual look, pair it up with colour-blocked jeans or trousers, and you are good to go.

5. White salad half sleeve round neck t-shirt

A classic white t-shirt can never go out of style. It gives an effortless look within no time. By mixing and matching, it can be worn in various ways and on different occasions. One can also roll up the sleeves to elbow level, tuck it in and belt it up for an edgy yet damn look. Whether it’s a casual date, formal meeting, morning walk or going to the gym, a white t-shirt goes with everything.
Wearing a white T-shirt gives a retro, classic and sophisticated look, which looks great.

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