Top 5 Trending Bed Shapes To Install In Your Home!

The bed acts as a closet that takes us far from the madding crowd, as we hide in the comfort of the sheets and take guilty of binging one more series.

But we tend to be too naïve while choosing an appropriate bed, and usually pick a simple and usual one.

5 Trending Bed Shapes

Why not venture out of the same monotonous bed shapes? Let’s have a quick gaze at the trending bedframe.

  • The Platform Bed Frame

This is the most popular bed frame style as it is available in a wide range of styles, and offer a smooth look. It is undoubtedly cost-effective, as there is no need to purchase a box spring. It would help if you had a mattress to put on, and the best part is that you can use any mattress. If your bedroom space is limited, the platform bed frame is the ideal option, since it takes relatively less floor space.

  • The Storage Bed

This bed frame comes with extraordinary storage facilities, thus allowing you to tuck in all extras inside without cluttering your bedroom. The storage units are attached with the bed itself, and therefore you get a bed frame that acts as one organized unit. But Storage bed is cumbersome, and thus is difficult to move. They are expensive too, and maintenance is not easy, either!

  • The Sleigh Bed Frame

As the name suggests, a sleigh bed frame brings forth a sleigh shaped bed, with a high headboard and footboard. It is chic and modish and can go with any bedroom setting. They come in multitudinous options and styles. However, a sleigh bed with a high footboard may not be a good option for a tall person. The traditional ones that are usually crafted with high-quality woods are difficult to move, owing to their heaviness.

  • The Canopy Bed Frame

Want to give some classy look to your bedroom? The canopy bed or the four-poster is an epitome of elegance that all together creates a cosy atmosphere. This bed frame is gaining immense popularity recently and is even available with several modern designs. The only disadvantage is that it is difficult to move due to its vast size. Also, dust accumulates at the top quite too often.

  • Wrought Iron bed frames

This is yet another bed frame that is in trend due to its rustic style. Light-weighted and durable, wrought iron bed frames stand unmatchable when it comes to stylishness. The beds though expensive, will last for many years since they can hold a lot of weight.


Pick up the one that suits your bedroom design, put on your latex mattress and enjoy the sophisticated yet trendy that your bedroom delivers!

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