Top Hijab & Abaya brands in Pakistan

These days abaya fashion is quite trendy. Girls are more willing to pay for unique abaya designs which provide them elegance. Top Hijab & Abaya brands in Pakistan, Unique designs not only gives them a feeling of elegance but also allows them to keep themself well covered.  It is a great way of keeping modesty and fashion under the same hood. Not many well known Abaya Sellers are readily available in Pakistan. Although there are some you must try. So we made a list of Top Abaya Brands in Pakistan.

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Fashion is a constant phenomenon. It is not always the same; it changes with the passage of time. What once was the most followed trend, could now be gone and no one remembers it. However, some fashion trends come from a culture and those are for longer to stay. One such trend is Pakistan is wearing Abaya or Hijab. Women of all age want to wear abaya or hijab either as a fashion accessory or as a religious obligation. Here we are sharing top abaya brands in Pakistan where you can buy high quality and latest design of Hijab & Abaya. is the largest platform for online abaya shopping in Pakistan. Here is our collection of best quality abaya & hijab for our customers.

Al-Balagh: Top Hijab & Abaya brands in Pakistan

One of the most famous and top abaya brands in Pakistan is Al-Balagh Islamic store. The store just not offers abaya & hijab for women but a complete set of Islamic accessories. You can buy a great number of Islamic material including books, Quran, Books of Hadith, Hajj & Umrah guide, and much other related stuff for all Islamic events and occasions. Al-Balagh features some of the most iconic and ultra-modern abayas that are not only truly fashionable but also according to the terms of Islam.

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Hijabeaze: Hijab & Abaya brands in Pakistan

Hijabeaze is a brand line of abayas and hijab for women who are truly and just in search of the abaya. The store offers a huge variety, styles and types of abaya for ladies. You can also explore the full range of hijab accessories and other Islamic women wear. The brand line is owned by a former Pakistani TV celebrity Urooj Asif. Urooj left showbiz and turned to this business. The store has branches all over Pakistan.

Zainab designer Abaya:

Zainab Designer Abaya Collection is another top of the line hijab collection for women in Pakistan. The store has to offer a full range of designer hijab & abaya. The collection features the latest designs, best quality clothing, Islamic obligatory dress code and a great range of products. With shops in all major cities of Pakistan, the store has been able to grab a reasonable market share & fame across the country.

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Hijab Ul Hareem:

Hijab Ul Hareem as the name suggests is a Hijab store in Pakistan located in Karachi, Pakistan. The store offers a great range of high-quality abaya & hijab for women of every age group. Whether you are looking for top quality abaya or just in search of one with simple looks, Hijab Ul Hareem is among the top abaya brands in Pakistan that you should visit at least once.

Top Hijab & Abaya brands in Pakistan

Darul – Libas:

Darul – Libas is a famous line of abaya & hijab in Pakistan. The store has a place among top abaya brands in Pakistan. Darul-Libas also offers a complete range of women accessories and fashion. The store’s collection offers a great Islamic value. The store also offers a complete range of hijab accessories such as hijab under scarf and more. 


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