Choose Hemp for humanity

We have been only taking from the nature. Now it’s our turn to give back. That’s in our hand. All we need to do is choose sustainable products. Can’t we do it? We can, Right?! The hemp plant is one of the oldest cultivated crops, and dates back more than 10,000 years. It’s a variety of cannabis that is grown and harvested for its seeds and stalks.

An incredibly versatile crop, hemp can be used to produce thousands of products, from food to paper to plastic composites and more. Hemp, as a sustainable and versatile crop requires very little water and no pesticides. It’s a natural chemical-free crop that grows well in the European climate as well as India without many pesticides and herbicides. It also supports biodiversity, reduces atmospheric carbon dioxide, and serves as a sustainable source for thousands of products. Hemp fibre.

Hemp fibre or industrial hemp is obtained from the outer layer or the bast of the Cannabis sativa plant, which is more popular for producing marijuana or hashish. However, while marijuana contains 20 per cent tetrahydrocannabinol content (THC) which causes the high when smoked, industrial hemp only contains 1 per cent THC. This fibre has some incredible properties: it conducts heat, dyes well, resists mildew, blocks ultraviolet light and has natural anti-bacterial properties.

It is used in many industries including paper, biodegradable plastic, construction, health food, chemical clean-ups and fuel. Automobile companies like BMW use hemp fibre to reinforce there door panels for better safety standards. There’s even an urban legend that claims the first pair of Levis jeans were made from hemp!

How Can Sustainable Living Stop Climate Change?

Sustainable living is all about dropping our individual environmental impacts, which is done when we utilize less resource and less fossil fuel. As more and more population start living more sustainably, the less fossil fuel they will burn. And since burning fossil fuels releases carbon into the atmosphere and causes the Earth’s temperature to rise, the less fossil fuel we burn the lesser carbon footprint we leave. If we look at it from a production standpoint, we’ll see that the growth of hemp is an inherently eco-friendly process.

It makes perfect sense that hemp has been grown for millennia because of it’s low water and resource requirements. According to analysis by the Stockholm Environment Institute, the water required to produce 1kg of hemp is somewhere between 300 and 500 litres. Now compare that to the 10,000 litres required to produce the same 1kg of cotton.

A few principles of Sustainable living:

The use of sustainable materials: Sustainable materials refer to eco-friendly fabrics, healthy, efficient, and durable products. Examples include materials that are locally sourced, manufactured from waste or renewable resources, and those with low embodied energy.

Zero waste and zero carbon: According to this sustainable living principle, every little thing done should focus on reducing the waste to the landfills. Only buying and consuming the needed staff is essential. Priority should be given on quality and not quantity to achieve this goal. People also need to find the easiest ways of using efficient and renewable technology.

Creating own healthy environment: This involves indulging in active and meaningful life activities to promote good health and well being. Fun, healthy, and less stressful living can be achieved by fun activities such as biking, hiking, walking, sailing, and skiing.

Why Is Sustainable Living Important?

Climate change has become a severe problem at the present times. It’s now more important than ever for people to do their part to reduce their environmental impact. If more and more people try and live a sustainable life, then we could collectively create major positive changes for the planet. Pollution could be reduced considerably. This is important, because 9% of all global deaths are caused by pollution.

When we live a more sustainable life at home, it is better for the environment because it can limit the amount of greenhouse gas that is emitted into the air from our homes. So, the more people who live a sustainable life, the better it will be for the environment overall.

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