Different Types of Terminal Blocks in India

There are different types of terminal blocks available in India. It is important to know different types of terminal blocks before making a final choice based on project requirements. In this blog post, Elmex as a terminal blocks with brass manufacturer in India explains the Different Types of Terminal Blocks Available in India:

Double Deck Terminal Blocks

Double deck terminal blocks are designed with 1 – input + 3 – output configuration. Double deck terminal blocks are primarily used for signal distribution. These kind of terminal blocks are cost saving and offers a lot of space. These are available with or without LED and suits fuse blown indication.

Elmex is a brass terminal manufacturer in India.

Component Housing Terminal Blocks

Elmex Component Housing Terminal Blocks are electrical components are used as part of PLC, DCS and machine tools. These offer flexibility alteration and are both cost and space saving.

Disconnect Terminal Blocks

Disconnect Terminal Blocks are designed for high vibration applications like Scada. They contain a hinged knife edge lever. Elmex Disconnect Terminal Blocks can be used for circuit isolation or fault simulation.

Micro Terminals

Elmex also offers micro terminals that are designed for restricted space application. They have robust connection capacity despite being very small in size. Micro terminals are mounted on T5 15 rail.

Elmex is an electrical panel manufacturer in Vadodara also offering ring type current transformer.

Brass Terminals

In Brass Terminals, there are further types such as twin terminal, fuse terminal, double deck and so on offered by Elmex.

Among PCB terminal blocks manufacturers in India, Elmex is a top choice.

Spring Clamp Terminals

Spring Clamp Terminals are very similar to screw clamp design. This one helps to save wiring time with ease of installation benefit.

If looking to order any of the terminal types listed in this blog post in India feel free to connect with Elmex. Elmex offers all these types of terminal blocks along with terminal block accessories, C&I products, current transformers, PCB connectors and solar connectors and much more. You can check the Elmex product range at their official website.

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