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This pandemic has taught us the importance of many things. Taking care of our health, maintaining proper hygiene, staying at home and among all the things it has made us habitual of one thing that we haven’t been since a long time even with the rising pollution and that is using Masks. During the pandemic, it has become mandatory for everyone to use the masks across the globe while stepping out of their homes. Resultantly, a sudden rise in demand of masks in market has been noted.
With the rise in demand it has also opened many gates for small businesses and entrepreneurs during the most difficult times in the 20th century. As using face masks are mandatory for everyone now, many small businesses started manufacturing it using different clothes and making it pocket-friendly and easily available in the market. The cheapest masks which are available in the market is surgical masks which costs only 10 rupees (INR) other than that masks made from different clothes are also available in the market which costs around 40 to 50 rupees (INR).
Now, these are surely pocket-friendly and easily available but are they sustainable? Are we sure that we are not harming anything by using such masks? While using such masks, do we feel 100% comfortable? Lastly, are we sure that they are not going to harm our skin in any way?
The answers of all above questions are NO. They are not sustainable, they are definitely going to harm our earth as they will contribute in increasing garbage on the earth. We don’t feel comfortable using these masks for longer duration as they stick to our mouth making it difficult to breathe and most importantly they are not skin-friendly. Hence, it’s important for us to compare the qualities of masks before buying it and not just only go with the easily available one in low prices.
Hemp Masks are one of the best solution available in the market for all of our problems. Hemp is one of the most sustainable fabrics. It is not only good for environment but many products can be made by using Hemp and it’s different parts. Masks made from Hemp are sustainable, breathable, they are skin friendly as they don’t stick to our mouth or create humidity and they are reusable. Hemp fabrics naturally have anti-bacterial quality and they are extremely durable. While using Hemp masks, you don’t have to worry about buying masks every next week because the last one is now loose or torn. Hemp masks don’t loose there original shape. After every wash they feel softer and skin friendlier. It can handle rigorous use and won’t get torn making it extremely durable.

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Now, during the pandemic many start-ups were selling masks but not the one with such qualities. Somehow, many of us were not aware that what will happen to the environment when such masks will make a huge mountain of garbage in the coming future.
Having these issues and its solution in mind, We, Planet green Online are a start-up with vision of making sustainable products while providing livelihood opportunities to the rural women artisans. We give the opportunity to make our products to the rural women artisans while staying at there homes.
All of our products are made by these women from 100% Pure Hemp. Our Hemp Masks are also made by them, so be ensure that when you are buying one, you are also helping them by providing them livelihood opportunities.It has two layer and have many other beneficial qualities. It is breathable, anti-allergic, skin friendly. It is reusable and will last longer. It is sustainable and will stand out to your rigorous use making it perfect for daily use.
As we all know that the pandemic is not going to end soon, we should be far-sighted and think of buying masks which can be long lasting and won’t have any negative impact on our skin. Hemp masks are little expensive than other’s available in market but it will be your one time investment. Not only this, you will also be contributing towards a sustainable environment. Surely, we all want to see our earth covered with lots of trees, rivers, waterfalls and not with human garbage.
Do your contribution and replace your current mask with our Hemp Mask. Because why choose anything else when you can have the best?



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