How To Do Enema to Detox Your Body


What do you think How To Do Enema to Detox Your Body - which part of your body is your health totally dependent on? Liver? Kidney? Lungs? No! That part is your intestines Until your intestines are clean, none of your organs can work properly. But I go to the toilet twice a day. My intestines must be clean right? No! Despite going to the toilet twice a day, your intestines could be loaded with a lot of waste Now you may be thinking - where does this waste come from? When you eat food like this, or this, or this!

Enema for instant detox of full body

It all gets stuck inside and starts giving birth to all kinds of big diseases. So, in this article, we'll be sharing a detox technique with you that has existed since ancient times something that's part of our yogic philosophy. And that is an enema Wait! wait! wait! I know what you're thinking. Enema is not safe at all! It must be so painful! It sounds so unnatural!

When I heard about it the first time, even I felt this way. But then I learned that if you take it the right way, it is 100% safe. What's unsafe is keeping that waste inside us for years. Whether at home, office, mall, park, we carry this waste wherever we go. So whether you're suffering from a disease today or you're totally healthy, whether you're young or old, overweight or thin, this enema is beneficial for all. How To Do Enema to Detox Your Body.

So in this article, we'll learn everything about enema -

how to take Enema?

when to take Enema?

what are its benefits of Enema?

And in what conditions should you avoid Enema?

Please read this article till the end Before we move onto the method of taking enema, let's understand why we need it. Have you heard about Dr. Norman Walker? This chart has been developed by Dr. Norman Walker after 50 years of research and published in his book after hearing thousands of people. Look at this chart Look how each part of your intestines is connected to a different part of your body.

Wherever waste accumulates, the disease spreads to that part of the body. Whenever you eat foods that don't come directly from Mother Nature, digesting and removing them takes a lot of effort for the body is working hard to remove it. But we dump more food on top of it all these foods never end up leaving your body. They start accumulating in your intestines and the more we keep eating, the more this waste keeps accumulating inside.

Did you know 80% of diseases are born in your intestines?

Whether it's cough or cancer, they're all born here. Whatever waste is stuck on the walls of your intestines is absorbed by them and spread to every part of your body through your blood. Not just this, until you don't clean this, this can never be clean! As long as your intestines are filled with waste, you'll keep experiencing lethargy, irritation, stress, and tension. Because there's a deep relationship between this and this. Before we move onto the enema method.

How to use enema ?

One more thing - it's not something new. This detox technique was identified as Jal Basti in our Hatha Yoga Pradipika thousands of years ago. So come let's see how to use enema. You'll need an enema kit To make it easy for you, we have made it available on our website. First wash your enema pot thoroughly 2-3 times then add 300-500 ml water to it. Although the enema pot can take more than 500 ml water, don't add more than 500 ml water to it. Don't put any unnecessary pressure on your body.

If you're taking it for the first time, then start with 300 ml. Remember that the water should be at room temperature neither too hot, nor too cold. You can use normal tap water without any worry. But if you're not comfortable using tap water, you can use drinking water too. First apply a bit of oil to the tip of the pipe you can use coconut oil or any other oil don't use any chemical creams. Oil helps lubricate the pipe and allow it to easily go inside then place your enema pot at an elevated level like a shelf it should be above your waist level at least the best place to take enema is your bathroom.

But if your bathroom is too small, you can take it in your bedroom too. Place a mat or towel on the floor and lie down like this on it. Then insert this pipe 2 inches inside your rectum. Don't worry! It's not painful at all. Truly! Hold the pipe with one hand so it doesn't fall out. Your pipe will have a switch. Switch it on As soon as you switch it on, the water will start flowing. If the water is not going inside, you can quickly adjust the pipe a little bit the water will transfer from the enema pot to your intestines.

It will take a minute Once the pot has emptied, remove the pipe and hold the water inside for 5-7 mins. You can hold the water inside in this position for a few mins and then get up and walk around for a few mins. While walking, soak your hands in cold water and massage your stomach first in a clockwise direction, and then anti-clockwise By massaging, the waste accumulated inside starts leaving its place It's very important to hold the water inside for 5-7 mins.

This is the time when the water is doing its cleaning work inside our body. It is removing the waste that has accumulated inside for a long time if you can't even hold it for 5 mins, Start with 250 ml water. It's not that a greater quantity of water will give you more benefits. You get the real benefits by holding it inside your intestines for 5-7 mins. When you feel like relieving yourself, go to the bathroom and you'll be shocked to see just how much waste, how many toxins were inside.

If you take enema after fasting for the whole day, you will get even more benefits you'll see a lot of dark colored waste leaving your body after an enema which means it is waste that had accumulated for a long time inside. The whole process of enema takes only 10 mins and it's really simple to do so don't delay it giving excuses like "I don't have time" because if your intestines aren't clean, then you'll feel lazy doing all your work you. Won't be able to do anything with energy. So why not take 10 mins to remove this waste sitting inside?

how long do you have to take it?

It depends on your health. Please listen to us carefully because this is a very important point. If you're trying to reverse any health problem or disease, like Diabetes, high BP, Thyroid, PCOD, constipation, migraine or any other diseases, then use it everyday for 21 days. After 21 days, you can stop using it. You don't have to make it a habit After 21 days, use it only when you need it, when you feel bloated, constipated or gas or headache. Just remember that these 21 days are a time for deep cleaning of the body.

So during this time, take great care of what you eat too As much as possible, consume fruits, vegetables and fresh juices and stop consuming all packaged, bottled, tinned, and non-veg food. If you're healthy and have no disease, enema can still give you a lot of benefits in this case, take it every day for 7 days then take it on alternate days the next week and in the third week. Take it only on 2 days And after 3 weeks, use it only when you need it. Whatever plan you follow, you'll see that when your intestines are clean, your energy will increase greatly, you won't feel tired or lethargic in the day.

Your skin will start clearing up. If you have excess weight, you'll start losing it and if you have any other health problems, you'll start seeing improvements soon. Keeping your intestines clean is a truth your doctors, medicine companies, or advertisements won't tell you about. Because no one profits from sharing this truth except you. One more important thing - never misuse enema Don't think - "Let me eat whatever I want. I'll just use an enema to remove it later" No! Enema will only work when your food is good when your food is Satvic.

If you keep dumping waste inside your body every day, then there's no benefit in taking enema. So along with enema, follow our Hindi knowledge article playlist as well where we have shared the rest of steps. One more question that many of you ask us -

what is the right time to take enema?

It is best to take it in the morning when your stomach is empty In the morning, our body is in a cleansing mode. In the morning, if you have natural motion, your stomach clears by itself, then take an enema right after it. Or if your bowels are not clearing, you can still take an enema. If for any reason you can't take it in the morning, then you can take it anytime in the afternoon but always keep a 2 hour gap between enema and your meals. If you want to make enema twice as effective, then use wet pack before it which we have explained in detail in our other article.

I know many of you are thinking even now "We'll never be able to do it!" When I learned about it the first time, I felt so too "Enema! I'll never be able to do it!" "Why do I need it?" But believe me it will feel totally normal after you've used it even once. When we brush our teeth, we don't think "Ew! I'm not going to brush my teeth because they're so dirty!".

Why do we think like this about our intestines?

Come let's discuss the answers to some important questions now First - can we add something to the water? Not at all! These days coffee enema is a famous trend but we don't recommend this you don't have to add anything to the water. No salt, no coffee, no soap and use an enema kit. These days many chemists sell glycerine and soap enemas. Don't use them at all Second - will I become dependent on enemas? No! If you follow the plan exactly as we discussed earlier, it won't become a habit. At most, you only have to take it for 21 days.

In 21 days, your intestines will become really clean. Then, like we discussed earlier, stop using it and use it only when you need it. If you follow it this way, it won't become a habit at all. You only become dependent on things you ingest from outside like laxatives, purgatives, and different digestive powders. Third question - will enema take away the good bacteria living in my intestines? When we eat such food, our intestines become clogged with fat layers of waste.

How can good bacteria exist in such dirty intestines?

You tell us. But when you clean your intestines using an enema, only then will good bacteria be able to exist inside them Next question - isn't enema unnatural? We admit that it's not a natural process. We fully admit it But we want to ask you - what you eat, is that natural? When our food itself isn't natural then why do we hesitate so much to take external help when it comes to cleaning it?

And what are we even putting inside? Just water. Plain water Next question - can children take enema too? Children above 10 years of age can easily take enema They can use a little less water not more than 300 ml Children less than 10 years of age can take it too under adult supervision Next question - can you take enema during pregnancy? We don't recommend using it during pregnancy.

Can we take enema during periods?

Yes absolutely! You can take it during periods. No problem at all! Last question Can we take it if we're suffering from piles, fhaemorrhoids, fissures or fistula? In such situations, we don't recommend enemas because the skin is very sensitive in such situations and a little interference can cause a lot of problem So in this case, avoid enema and follow the rest of the Satvic lifestyle instead. We'll see you soon

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