Making the planet green with hemp products

The hemp plants rapidly capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and makes what we breathe much cleaner. Hemp is basically nature’s purifier. In fact, for every ton of hemp produced, 1.63 tons of carbon is removed from the air which makes hemp a much more effective confiscator of Carbon Dioxide than trees. Hemp as a biomass crop — it’s stems are high in cellulose — or hemp oil as bio fuel, could compliment other renewable energy sources. But like other energy crops, there are inherent problems with growing on a mass scale. Despite claims that it doesn’t need fertilizer, hemp, like corn, would require a lot of nitrogen.
One of the strongest fibres to be found, hemp happens to be 4 times sturdier than cotton. If we travel alot, or if our work requires being outdoors all day and we want our garment to survive regular wear and tear, than hemp is the accurate choice! Hemp fabric has been found in tombs that are more than 10,000 years old. It is perfect in blocking UV-A and UV-B rays, meaning it qualifies as a top tier UPF 50+ fabric. Hemp has multiple amazing properties, but it also just makes for a super-soft and comfortable piece of clothing (which in some ways is the most important thing). Hemp can take care of itself and doesn’t require these protectants or synthetic fertilizers. This is a good thing for us and the environment. While we likely won’t be out in the hemp fields ourselves, pesticide particles can tractor to consumers and irritate the skin and eyes and induce other health problems. They can also pollute water supplies and contaminate nearby soil. Pesticide particles have also been linked to the decreasing bee population. None of this is a concern with hemp.
Benefits of Hemp Fabric- Keep the planet green!
Hemp constitutes a highly sustainable, low-impact crop that can be converted into fabric sustainably.
It is sustainable and eco-friendly.
It is durable, so it is an excellent choice to create classic and versatile pieces of organic clothing.
Hemp fabrics do not contain chemicals making it the best choice.
Hemp also naturally reduces pests, so no pesticides are usually needed.
The best part is that this fabric is mould and microbe-resistant, so one can keep them safe for a very long time.
Even with regular washing, we will hardly find any wear and tear.
Hemp clothes are breathable as it grows softer & more comfortable after each wash.
It tolerates both hot and cold water washes, and it air dries in a short duration.
The fabric never requires dry cleaning and does not crease very much.
Hemp fabric is used for anti-UV clothing, so it protects from harmful sun rays.
It won’t grow mold or mildew if it gets wet.
Not only is hemp gentle on the earth, it also requires very little water.
Hemp also requires a relatively small amount of land to cultivate.
Hemp is a Carbon Warrior
Global warming is real and what is even more real, is the carbon contribution of the fashion industry to this effect. Current fast fashion trends translate into rapid production and disposal of clothing, increasing the carbon footprint. Switching to Hemp Clothing would mean planting more Hemp plants which help the process of CO2 absorption from the atmosphere at a faster pace as compared to other trees. These environmental benefits of Hemp help humanity to combat climate change.
Hemp is antimicrobial and durable
Hemp fabric is active against microbes in nature; this makes your clothes stay clean for a longer period and prevents it from developing odour-causing bacteria. Due to it’s antimicrobial properties, hemp is much stronger and more durable than most natural textile fibres. Unlike garments made from other materials, which become distorted with multiple uses, hemp clothing holds it’s shape and lasts much longer!
Hemp is the Strongest Natural Fibre
Natural-fibre clothing like hemp is created from the naturally occurring fibres of plants. Being natural, hemp fibre is also biodegradable. It is tightly woven, yet very breathable and surprisingly soft. It is created without toxins or unnatural processes and does not cling to the body.
Hemp protects from UV rays
Hemp clothes are tightly woven to make sure no sun rays enters the material surface. Hence, it also protects us from the harmful UV rays. Overexposure to the harmful sun rays can cause skin cancer and many other irreversible skin problems. Sun protective clothing can save our skin from various diseases!
Hemp requires less land to grow
The land required to cultivate hemp is much lesser, almost half the area required to grow cotton. Also, hemp can produce three times more fibre than cotton in the same land. Briefly, hemp cultivation and production would not put undue stress on our planet.
hemp fabrics
One acre of hemp can remove 10 tons of carbon from the air–more than the average home emits in a year. Not only is growing hemp good for the planet, but it can be used in some of our most carbon-intensive industries like construction, where “hempcrete” can replace concrete as a carbon-negative solution. Industrial hemp has been scientifically proven to absorb more CO2 per hectare than any forest or commercial crop and is therefore the ideal carbon sink. In addition, the CO2 is permanently bonded within the fibre that is used for anything from textiles, to paper and as a building material.
By choosing Hemp fabrics, you make the right choice for yourself and the planet!


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