7 Words That Turn High-Quality Men Off

What are some of the words that instantly turn men off? And are you aware of what these words are ladies or are you perhaps guilty of saying some of these things?. Now, if you watch until the end, you will found out exactly what words I was personally saying up until my partner asked me to stop. 7 Words That Turn High-Quality Men Off

My dear elegant ladies, welcome back to a new article. Now, for all of us ladies who are interested in the opposite sex, it is of course, important to know what does the opposite sex like and don’t like. Because this way, we will be able to really capture the partner that we want to capture or enhance the relationship that we have with our current partner. But it’s good to be aware about the do’s and don’t s because of course, there are some things that we do wrong that perhaps the opposite sex doesn’t really like.

My little baby

And in this article, we are going to find out exactly what those things are so that the mistakes can stop as of today. Now let’s start with point number one. Ladies, do not say, or do not calla men as my little boy, or my little baby. I’ll be laughing a lot in this article because it’s very hard not to laugh when you say these things. You see, anything that makes a man feel like you are his mother and he is your kid, that is a massive turnoff.

Which is why we cannot be saying these things, even though we may be say it from a loving perspective. I mean, calling a man, my little boy, maybe you think that it sounds kind of a sweet thing to say. But you really need to take the words into perspective and realize what is it exactly that you’re saying?. And in this case, you literally treating him as your child, and that’s a big turnoff.

And that’s a little side note, anything that has to do with like really stupid baby voice type of things. Maybe some men like it, and maybe your partner likes it because it means something in your relationship. But you should be a little bit cautious, not going all in baby voice and all of those things, because truly it can become too much and a massive turnoff. 7 Words That Turn High-Quality Men Off.

Do not say dude

Point number two, do not call your man as man and do not say dude to him either. Meaning that we don’t want to say things as what’s up dude, or hey man, or hey dude, come on man. Oh gosh, you know, it’s a bit, how can I say? Don’t speak to him like he is your guy friends, or like you are a man and he’s your buddy. We are not on those terms with our partner. We want to keep him as a man and keep ourselves as a woman. 7 Words That Turn High-Quality Men Off.

And I’m sorry to say like it or don’t like it, but I don’t think saying man, and dude is very feminine. It’s really masculine. And that’s why I don’t think that you should go in that direction. Plus ladies, I’ve actually had this conversation with some of my male friends and they have actually specifically mentioned this and even given examples of when women had said man, or dude to them and they got a big, massive turnoff. So please ladies, do not say this.

Slang Directory – Words That Turn High-Quality Men Off

Point number three. Now, if we are in the kind of slang directory. Definitely there is some more extreme slang that also will turn a man off because not only doe sit sound masculine, but it also sounds, I don’t know, just not very elegant, I guess. And that’s when you start saying things as bro or homie. I mean, I don’t know if any of you would say to your partner what’s up bro, or hey homie, I don’t know.Maybe some of you would do.

And I guess if it’s maybe a joke, it would potentially be funny. Maybe, I don’t know, or perhaps not. But I just don’t think that any man wants you to treat him as your homie or as his bro. You’re not bros.You’re never going to become bros, even if you are best friends. So please try and keep the guys slang and the guys talk out of your vocabulary because this indefinitely not elegant or feminine. So this is where it stops. 7 Words That Turn High-Quality Men Off.

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Men Tend to Appreciate

Point number four. Ladies, I don’t know if this is going to be applicable for all men out there, but I’ve heard numerous times how men tend to appreciate when a woman knows what she wants. One of the things that sometimes men get so annoyed about is when the woman they’re with is all the time saying things as I don’t know, and this really can drive some people mad. Now, again, ladies, I did say some, so not all types of men will be like this.

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But I have actually met many men who do find that I don’t know type of woman a little bit frustrating. As an example, ladies, as a woman, it is somehow important to know what you want. It’s fine to not know from time to time, but have it as your all the time mantrais going to really start making people or men in particularly feel like you’re just an empty shell or somebody who just is like, what does she know type of thing, you know? So skip the I don’t knows and start becoming more decisive today.

Dominant – Words That Turn High-Quality Men Off

Point number five, ladies. This one might work for some men, but there is a very small percentage who enjoys being called in such way. And I’m talking about being called, daddy. Ladies, I’m sure there are some men out there who find it as a big turn on when a woman calls him her daddy, right? But that has usually to do with men who want to really be dominant in the relationship. Most men, even the dominant types, they find the term daddy to just make them feel like one, you are his kid and two, he is so old compared to you that he deserves the name daddy.

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Now that’s not sexy, ladies. It’s not sexy, you being his kid or him being so old. So skip the whole thing about calling him daddy. I mean, maybe if you are in a sugar daddy relationship, that might be a thing. I don’t know. But I think for the rest of us, we do not call him daddy at any point. Now ladies, what was I personally guilty of doing up until my partner kind of told me off a little bit for this and that’s when I fully stopped once and for all.


I am talking about point number two,calling your partner or saying, hey man, or hey dude to him. And I don’t know why I was doing that. I guess, maybe it came from the fact that I was using the term with some of my male friends. And I was specifically using kind of little bit more boyish type of language with them because I didn’t want them to be hitting on me or anything like that.

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So I just kind of establish a different type of relationship with them. But somehow, that kind of just continued in my lingo into my new relationship. And well, it kind of stopped when he told me that, listen, this is not attractive. Can you please stop? And you know what, sometimes it’s okay to make mistake sand it’s okay to also do something nice for your partner.

If he doesn’t like that, then you know, it’s not the end of the world to change something that is so insignificant as calling him a man or a dude. Now, ladies, if you want to make a man beg for your attention, then you have to read the next article because I’m going to give you all the hints on what to do so that you make him do exactly that. I will see you in that article.

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