Is designing a good career?

Is designing a good career? What is the future scope?

Design is prophesied to be ‘The Career of the 2020s’. In fact, personnel in this respective career line are highly likely to be called fusionists, avatar programmers, makeover experts, etc. instead of just designers – such is the growing popularity of designing courses.

Simply put if you’re looking forward to a Future In Designing Courses, your future is set! Designing career has traveled a long way through centuries from being a single entity meant for stylistic endeavors to a multi-network field tasked with solving technological and social problems. This means designing is not just found in textiles or daily products that we use, it now has an extensive range right from self-driving cars to human biology as well.


It is no surprise at all that every customer while shopping for a particular product or services takes some time to notice the ergonomic design. Is it handy and portable? Does the design fulfill all the cited functionalities? How easy is it to use or operate? Right from the packaging to the end products, it is the design that makes it stand out from rival brands. The onus is on the designer as to how appealing and ergonomically the product is engineered, not just to grab a customer’s attention but exceed their expectations as well.

A distinctive look and feel, a convenient handling, seamless operation are some of the most important things a consumer looks for in products and services. For products its a product designer while for services, it is a UX/ UI or a technology designer. When it comes to more tangible forms such as residences, hotels, malls, restaurants, resorts, amusement and entertainment hubs – interior designers have a pivotal role to make or break the business!

Designing Significance

Designing is rapidly and steadily gaining significance in the scheme of things, thanks to the advent of IoT. Any business that deploys Artificial Intelligence, Neuro-Linguistic Processing, Machine Learning and Big Data – mandatory requires a Design Department as well. Almost every business including media houses, publishing firms, FMCG, retail, software sector needs good designers. In fact, in the coming years, Design is touted to evolve into a hybrid industry that is considered as much technical as it is creative.

Increasing demand for designers who can deliver intuitive and immersive experiences that are tailored to a wide spectrum of industries, from entertainment to education and healthcare has been playing at the forefront. Therefore, the future belongs to designing aspirants who have graduated in designing courses and those who are well aware that design will be permeating almost every aspect of our lives and creating cross-disciplinary opportunities.

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