7 Chapters of Kama Sutra & Their Contents

In this article, we are going to look at the most widely misunderstood Sanskrit work, kamasutra. Explore the various chapters present in it. Before we get into the topic, I’d like to thank you for your interest in Sanskrit Exploration. Please consider subscribing to this channel for many more interesting facts from the world of Sanskrit Literature. Widely misunderstood as The book of sexual positions, Kama Sutra, has gained international popularity.

7 Chapters of Kama Sutra & Their Contents

There would be almost nobody, who has not heard of this Sanskrit word. Which was compiled by the Sage Vatsyayana, 1000’s of years ago! It was only in the 1800s, that a sexually repressed England, started studying KamaSutra. In secret, through translations, by the orientalist Richard Burton. The United States government, allowed thepublication of Kamasutra, just around 60 years ago.

Though it’s study has mostly been limited to the sexual positions today. The Kama Sutra, infact deals, with the study of kama, or pleasure,One of the four attainments of a human being. This includes understanding the nature of love, finding a partner, maintaining one’s sexual health. Other aspects pertaining to pleasure-oriented faculties of human life. The majority of the book is about the practicality of love,methods for courtship,and a study of what triggers desire, and what sustain sit.

Kama Sutra

Here are the 7 Chapters that are explore din Kama Sutra, with their actual Sanskrit Names:


Chapter 1, called Saadhaarana or general matters,deals with the aims of life, different kinds of skills to make oneself attractive, and general lifestyle of those times.

7 Chapters of Kama Sutra & Their Contents


Chapter 2, called samprayogika or practical details, describes different combinations of sexual unions, hugs, kisses, scratches,bites, positions, acts, oral and genital stimulations in extraordinary detail. One could say this is the chapter that got the most attention all around the world.

kanya samprayukta

Chapter 3, called kanya samprayukta, or findings bride, talks about choosing a partner, different kinds of moves and advances one can make,and strategies to win over a bride.

BhAryAdhikArika, ParAdika and vaishika

Chapter 4, 5 and 6 called bhAryAdhikArika, parAdika and vaishika deal with the type of conduct, with one’s own wife, other men’s wives and sexual workers respectively. They delve into the study of the art of seduction,proper and improper conduct, various causes of resistance, study of sexual inclinations,ways of restoring broken relationships, methods of identifying signs of either reluctance or passion, and more.


Finally, the 7th and the last chapter, called aupamishadika. The art of medicines, deals with various recipes, potions and concoctions. That are useful to enhance hormones and sexual organs, improve virility, fertility and attractiveness. Isn’t it truly mind boggling, that a civilization, 1000s of years ago, took such an open stance at exploring a topic, that humans even at this day, and age, consider taboo, and are hesitant to talk about openly. It is time we change our attitudes with misconception sand expressions of embarrassment at the erotic arts found in ancient temples. It’s beyond time, we treat these works with respect. For the depth of understanding that they offer, and not just be stuck at the surface.

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