15 Blogging Tips To Blog Like a Pro

Blogging is one of the best ways to build your personal brand, to monetize your content, to establish though leadership. In this article I will tell you 15 Blogging Tips to Blog like a Pro. With blogging you can express your feeling emotions with other people and what is better than getting paid for something you love? Have you heard of Your story? It is one of the most popular Indian blogs which now has become a company! Now in this video i will share tips which will make you a rocking blogger. 15 Blogging Tips To Blog Like a Pro.

1. Choosing a web hosting platform

Its very important for performance of your blog. It will give you better reach and search engine visibility. So, don’t fall for the cheap trap! Web hosting services basically provide you with a server for your blog. There are different types of hosting like:Shared hosting, Managed hosting, Virtual Private Server or cloud hosting. 15 Blogging Tips To Blog Like a Pro.

See how much you are willing to pay how much traffic you are getting and take the plan which suits you best. Now there are many popular platforms like: wordpress.org, Hostgater, Hostinger, WordPress.com, Blogger, Medium. My website is on hostinger. I found that their uptime is very high, speed of the site is good. They provide 24/7/365 days customer support and respond fast. So, I have taken cloud hosting from them,which includes free sub domain and SSL certificate.

And if I face any challenges they restore back ups for me. Now i use WordPress because its also very easy to customize. Although it needs some work unlike wix which are very much plug and play. Now, WordPress.org and wordpress.com are two different platforms. You didn’t know that, did you? wordpress.com is free whereas wordpress.orgis paid. In paid you need to buy hosting. Now you should also have a domain name, so my domain name is wearewriter.com. wearewriter is short, memorable, catchy. .com is universal. Choose a name which is easy to pronounce and short and try to use your keyword in the domain.

2.How you should choose the headlines?

Just writing headings is not enough your headline should be clickable. you can use a tool which i also use, co-schedule headline analyzer. And try to get a score 70 plus. Include power, emotional words like growth,Tips, guaranteed, fascinating.

3. Tip Setup unique contact forms!

There are per-designed forms which are available on the platforms. It helps you to build a good relationship with audience. Try to be specific in the contact forms so that you can filter the emails that you should send to your subscribers or to your list. Ask specific questions, suppose your audience is book lover. So,‘What’s your favorite genre?’ ‘Which is the best book you ever read?’ 4 tip Using Quora to write better content! Its a platform where people share, interact.

Make a profile on be regular on it. See what is trending, which is related to your niche. Reading the answers will help you to understand the ‘gap’, which needs to be filled. You will understand you target audience mindset,their problems. You will be able to build your community. And if people find your answers useful then they will visit your blog.

5 tip Using Pinterest to get engagement

Pinterest has got 322 million active monthly users. Make an attractive frame related to your blog which has some quote or tip. Pin it to Pinterest. It will drive traffic to your website.

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6. Tip Working on Google analytics

Keep a track of your analytics from day 1. Don’t make a mistake of ‘doing it later’. Analytics will tell you who are the people coming to your site. What’s their age, gender, location. It tells bounce rate, number of visitors,time spent so that you can improve your content, customize your content according to your audience.

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7. Tip Google trends for content

Revolve your content around trending topics. Google trends can help you find what people are searching on Google. Look for the topic that belongs to your niche.

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8. Tip SEO for your blog

If your site is not visible on google then you will not get high traffic if your site is not visible you wont get traffic. So adapt SEO strategies, off-site, on-site. Use plugins. Like, Yoast SEO it will help in doing SEO.

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9. Tip Putting videos

People love video content! So add videos in your blog. Your blog will become more engaging and more interesting. I do it all the time. So I have a YouTube channel, so embed my YouTube videos in the blog. My videos will get more views, and my blog will get engagement. Link other blog articles to your blog article in question. Internal linking will keep your readers hooked.

10. Tip Guest blogging

It means writing content for someone else. Benefit will be It will drive traffic to your website because it exposes your content to a new audience. It will build your domain reputation you will get external back links from high authority domains. It will build relationships with peers in your industry.

11. Tip Use Buzzsumo

With this tool you can find the most shared content on any social media platform. You can find the top influence’s top bloggers in your niche. You can keep a track of your competitors,what content they are posting and what you are missing out on.

12. Tip Write a blog between 1500 to 3000 words.

Usually, in-depth articles gain more traction in SEO, they are shared more, they are commented more Use references, use analogy to drive your point across. Try to write in list 1, 2, 3, 4.Try to put some questions in between your blogs to increase engagement. Write a conclusion in the end and seek comments.

13. Tip Know about your competitor with tools like builtwith.com

This is an online tool that will help what tools, plugins, widgets used in the websites of competitors. Analyze then use these tools or find better tools for yourself.

14. Use AMP Plugin to increase the speed of your website

Accelerated Mobile Page will help loading your site faster especially on phone.

15. Tip About us page Be genuine and write honestly about yourself.

Give a short introduction and tell about your vision for your blog. It will build trust.

Now let us summarize:

  • Choose a good web hosting service. Use a domain which is easy to remember.
  • Use the headlines which have a score of above 70. Uunique contact forms.
  • Use Quora to build a network.
  • Using Pinterest to get engagement
  • Use Google Analytics for tracking.
  • Google trends for content
  • Optimize your content SEO.
  • Use videos
  • Do Guest blogging
  • Use Buzzsumo
  • Write a blog between 1500 to 3000 words
  • Knowing about your competitor with builtwith.com
  • Using AMP Plugins.
  • Have a About us page

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