21 Strategies for 500 FREE YouTube Views

21 Strategies for 500 FREE YouTube Views. YouTube is the most popular channel in terms of video marketing. In this article, I will tell you 21 strategies to get 500free YouTube views. What’s better is unlike the paid bots and view generators. Which have one-time effect only, the methods that I will tell you are extremely authentic and will generate quality engagement.

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Personal Communities

So, number one method is promote in your own personal communities. When you’ve just started your channel, ask people from your personal communities to subscribe, like,comment and share. This will provide your videos with an initial kick start and engagement.

Subscribe – 21 Strategies for 500 FREE YouTube Views

No. 2 strategy, ask viewers to subscribe. Do not shy away from asking your viewers, timing it perfectly in the video right after the content is over. Even just as a gentle reminder before the video begins can prove to be impactful. However try not to mention it in excess.

Cross-platform Sharing

Number 3 strategy is cross-platform sharing. Embedding the video on your website or blog. Sharing it on social media, particularly sharing direct links on stories can be super helpful and you can get free YouTube subscribers quickly. One important tip is sometimes when you share your entire video on Facebook or other platforms,it may get taken down. Why? Because these social media platforms want users to be on their platform.

This preview should be uploaded as a native clip. Because Facebook can get ten times more views of your native clip.

Appropriate keywords – 21 Strategies for 500 FREE YouTube Views

Number 4 strategy is choose appropriate keywords for your video title, content and tags. Most important tool in SEO is keyword. Identify keywords having high search volume from tools such as keyword planner in Google Ads. Many websites and tutorials may tell you to go for short tail keyword. Only as compared to long tail keyword but if you’d ask me, I advise to give equal importance to both.

You may wonder why so, because long tail keywords have less volume. But here is the catch,long tail keywords also have less competition. So, find out these long tail keywords that suit your video. Make the most effective long tail keyword as your video title. Check the title score with all the keywords that you used on a tool called as Co Schedule headline analyzer. With any score above 70 is good.

Catchy thumbnail – 21 Strategies for 500 FREE YouTube Views

Number 5strategy is have a catchy thumbnail. Many studies have shown that using facial close-ups with a contrasting background provides better connect to the audience. You can use this still from the video or any other high-quality image try including some impactful text or keywords into thumbnail along with pointers or zoomed objects make sure your thumbnail does not become a click bit.

Suitable Description – 21 Strategies for 500 FREE YouTube Views

Number 6 strategy write a suitable description by transcribing after writing title you must write a description which includes your keywords best practices to transcribe your video because that will lead to more content and higher probability of being discovered make sure your descriptions are actually descriptive it should give the users a generous idea about what your channel is all about and what can a viewer expect from you.

Ideal Length – 21 Strategies for 500 FREE YouTube Views

Number 7 strategy what should be the ideal length of your video ideally video between 5 to 10 minutes is optimal but you should try to make longer videos preferably 10 minutes Plus studies have shown positive correlation between views and video length which is longer videos how do shorter videos in the same niche you might wonder exactly how I am able to say this as it’s just a correlation based analysis but think practically your average view time per video we’ll be higher for a longer video then for a shorter video.

YouTube’s Recommendation List

Number 8 strategy focus on YouTube’s recommendation list. One of the most powerful yet ignored aspect for growing your YouTube channel is its video recommendation system if you can master this you’ll be surprised to see your channels growth rate in terms of views and subscription according to a study conducted it found that YouTube search and recommendations.

The main source of views for majority of the videos on YouTube you will bemused to know that although your video might not be ranked high but might have more views than the ones ranked on top and eventually it would get ranked higher very soon so the question you might ask is how exactly will you do this do not worry because I have got the exact mechanism covered and it is super simple firstly you have to find all popular videos on the topic that you wish to make the video.

first 15-second window

The first 15-second window of your video is very crucial to retain the audience. So make it impactful try at least to make it more impactful than other videos on the same topic. Your video has to be longer than your competitors videos average view time of your video. Which is how much of your video is being watched determines whether YouTube will recommend it to viewers or not.

Hence you can easily understand that longer video means longer view time and more view time than those popular videos the better it is number 5 do not be monotonous it’s a very important factor make engaging videos and make it interesting and by changing patterns camera angles light humor music you can make your videos engrossing anything that you can do to make it more interesting then your competitors will make you go a long way number 6 is copy your competitors keywords.

If you want to be recommended you need to have almost the same set of keywords if not the same in your channel description title content etc number seven say those keywords in your video yes YouTube’s algorithm recognizes the audio content and ranks and recommends video accordingly number eight you can always find your competitors tags and keywords from source tag the more similar the keywords and the content tags are the better will be the recommendation.

Use a different thumbnail

Number nine use a different thumbnail one which will immediately grab attention try different background colors says that your thumbnail looks different from the top suggested ones number nine promote your video through ads apart from general organic marketing you can also promote through ads such as Google Ads once you start generating 20% views of the top videos it’s better to go for organic methods.


Number 10 reply to comments many studies have shown a positive correlation between comment sand views of a video replying to your comments is easy way to get more subscribers your audience feels more validated and important.

Create playlists

Number 11 create playlists once you create playlists your viewer scan sequentially watch videos and this keeps them active on the channel for a longer time when you upload velox entertainment see these educational lectures they work wonders for example TV f is a famous Indian YouTube channel and it applauds its episodes of a particular series in playlist a number of itj cat neat gate etc online coaching videos are uploaded as playlists either chapter wise or topic wise.

Promote videos

Number 12 strategy promote videos in your end screen you can promote other playlist videos website in your end screen make sure you make your end screens relevant to the current video so that viewers can relate suppose you run a cooking channel there is a part of recipe which you have taught in another video you can directly mention it during the ongoing video this will directly help your videos to grow.

Audience Opinions

Number 13 take audience opinions be open to suggestions. Conduct live streaming sessions ask your audience what they expect from you. You can even mention at the end of each video so as to what you’re planning and working on next and if the audience has any suggestions they comment on this video this helps build you a stronger more transparent connection with your viewers.

Connecting Videos

Number 14 strategy connect your videos make connecting videos I cannot stress how important it is to have connecting videos most importantly let the audience know about the connecting videos at the end of your video.


Number15 celebrate your subscriber or view milestones by making videos about them this shows that you actually care about your community and your viewers.


Number16 strategy use your top videos once your channel is established to a certain level the videos with maximum views shares and likes are your strongest videos use them as a face of your channel make them visible on multiple platforms and try using them as a representation to your channel.


Number 17strategy channel trailer make a strong impactful and catchy channel trailer use excerpts or bits from your top videos into the trailer incorporate your specific tagline into the trailer number 18 strategy is used watermarks use watermarks as a hoovered button on your video which stays usually at the corner of your video practically at any moment if the viewer is satisfied with your content it acts as the near the subscribe button without having to stop the video what’s even better it can be used even when the video is running on full screen.


Number 19 strategy is optimum is your channel have a subscribe link in your channel art or cover page have a catchy channel icon depending on what your channel wishes to serve.


Number 20 strategy how should you present the video if you are directly engaging with the audience smile and keep your hands open as they provide a better connect do not use filler words as they are unnecessary in the video and displayed lack of confidence or preparation while presenting you can either use bullet points or teleprompter or a mixture of both select one which you are most comfortable with.

Consistent frequency of uploading

Number 21 strategy is have a consistent frequency of uploading your viewers expect you to be consistent initially upload a greater number of videos as your channel is juvenile more videos mean more views more views means more view time this will make sure your YouTube algorithm understands your progress with your channel and start ranking your videos better if you liked this video subscribe to my channel and also check out Proxima calm thank you for watching

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