Five Reasons Why your Website Traffic is Dropping

If your website traffic is dropping faster than you think – don’t just give up yet. Many search engines such as Google have specially designed algorithms to control the quality of search results. If for a certain reason, your website does not pops up in first two pages of a search engine and you feel frequently less visitors than usual, it is time to look back and find out where it all got wrong.

Unexpected traffic drops can do a great deal of damage. Especially for an online business that depends solely on its visiting customers. The article below gives a deep insight into why your website traffic may be dropping all of a sudden.

1. A new update in the Google Algorithm  

Google has brought many changes in their algorithm in the past; no doubt, it will keep on doing it in future. The company is always looking for ways to make search results better for the user by introducing strict policies and quality control checks for websites.

To know whether this is your reason for sudden traffic drop, check the exact date on which it started dropping and see if it correlates with the algorithm update.

2. Poor quality content

According to Google’s update Panda in 2011, a number of websites were penalized for their poor quality content. It is obvious that a website that has spelling mistakes, grammar issues and does not convey what the business does, the site won’t get much attention. Some other content related mishaps your site could have that may have resulted in low

website traffic

such as:

  • Very little Content
  • Duplicate Content
  • Content copied from any other website
  • Many articles on the same topic
  • Repetition
  • You don’t have fresh and quality content
  • Over using the same content; spamming. 

3. Poor Usability

Demanding user attention and visitation requires you to have a compelling web design. If your website’s webdesign Stuttgart is poorly integrated then the usability becomes hard. Moreover, if the users find it difficult and confusing to navigate over your content, then this might be the reason you are facing a surprising traffic drop.

4. Hidden Texts and Keyword Stuffing

Another reason why the number of visitors are frequently lessening from your site could be keyword stuffing. This happens when you are placing many keywords in your text to make the search results better. However, obviously, you would not know how smart Google’s algorithm is! It can track that too. In addition, sites that have hidden content (text that is on the page but not visible to users) do also get into trouble.

website Traffic

5. Adopting Poor Link Building

If you are adding additional links to your website, Google will think that you are selling them to third parties. This type of concept is considered spam and your website eventually fail to qualify the quality check. In that case, remove any such links or add a non-follow option to them. 

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