How To Get Free Traffic From 6 Free Websites

Here is my blog for How To Get Free Traffic From 6 Free Websites. If i tell you, you will see, i’m getting to my websites to h-educate around 116 000 views per month. If you go to my other website h-super, to my web analytics, you will see that i started this service like eight months ago and in march i got around forty four thousand views then the next month i got one hundred thousand views. Today i have around 200 000, 185 000 and so on. So how i did this? How i’m getting all this traffic into my websites in this short period ? Simply the Traffic Bomber Method! Stay tuned! [Music] Hi everyone.

Today I’m really so excited so happy to publish this article that i am sure it will help a lot of you get traffic into your blogs, into your websites in a very short time. You will need to work only 10 or 15 minutes a day for only 10 days consistently and you will see results. I know a lot of you will not even continue the video, will not even watch these couple of minutes, some of you will not even try this. It’s only 15 minutes and they will not try it.

Then after one month they will send me a message or start asking here and there how i get traffic to my website. Friend, i am telling you how to get traffic. Please read these couple of minutes and apply it, only 15 minutes a day. Instead of scrolling into facebook and wasting your time just apply this method which is really super simple and free. Just try it and you will see it’s working. It worked with me, it works with millions of people all over the world.

What is this method? how it works? let’s see together. But please before we start don’t forget if you like to read more articles subscribe this about online business, make money online, digital marketing, and much much more please go now smash the red button “subscribe” and like the article, turn notifications to get every new update almost every day. So let’s start. How To Get Free Traffic From 6 Free Websites

So what is the Traffic Bomber Method? By the way i call it like this, there is nothing called Bomber Method. So what is this method? what we are going to do simply is copying and pasting your content on different websites all over the internet. On websites that are getting millions of visitors every month. Super simple! just copy and paste your own content your own blog post on other websites. I will show you now the websites one by one, step by step, and explain how this method will really help you get a lot of traffic. Thousands of new users, people into your website. So let’s start with website number one.

Linkedin – How To Get Free Traffic From 6 Free Websites

Number one is LinkedIn. LinkedIn, of course, I’m not here to tell you go and paste your links inside the feed. No! In LinkedIn if you have an account, perfect! if you don’t have one, go and sign up. LinkedIn, today, is one of the best social media or social networks that will help you grow and get traffic. Simply inside your account go and click on ‘write article’ and not a post and simply copy and paste the article into your LinkedIn profile. As an example i have this article here, i will open it simply copy the title ‘ctrl c’. Go to the LinkedIn, paste the headline and simply go back and start copying your article and pasting in LinkedIn. It will take less than one minute to publish your article on LinkedIn. How To Get Free Traffic From 6 Free Websites.

Maybe you tell me now, what i will get from this? Please follow up! I will show exactly how this will help you post the same articles on LinkedIn as articles okay. How To Get Free Traffic From 6 Free Websites.

Quora – How To Get Free Traffic From 6 Free Websites

The next website, the second website is Quora. Quora is simply a QnA website, that you can ask and answer questions on. But today i’m not here to tell you go and answer questions and link back. No! In quora you will go to your profile here, click on your profile, and then you can create a space on quora. You can see, I have this space “make money online here!” I will open it and I am a contributor in different spaces in quora. Now what you are going to do is create an account on quora.

Sign up and here click on “create a space”. Name it whatever you want. I’ll write a description and then in the space ,here is my space, you can add an image whatever you want. It’s like a small website, a small group, a small space for you inside quora. You can post your own articles and again simply open this and start copying and pasting your articles on quora. Again! please! some patience i will tell you in a little bit how this will really help you a lot. So just copy and paste as you can see here i pasted my articles, here, and I have now 705 followers.

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And by the way if you like to join us you can go to quora you will find the link in description below to join this space, it’s totally free and get all the updates and so on. So paste the same articles inside your Quora space. How To Get Free Traffic From 6 Free Websites.

Medium -How To Get Free Traffic From 6 Free Websites

The third website is Medium allows you also to post your articles. You can write articles here and I mentioned this before in affiliate marketing. So if you don’t have a website, you don’t have money to start affiliate marketing, you can use as your own website to post your articles and promote affiliate links. Now, my point here is simply to go and create an account ‘sign up’ and then click on ‘write a story’ and again copy your article, the title go here, paste the title, and paste your article here. Again just copy the content and paste. Inside medium paste the full article and publish it on medium.

So these are the first three websites- linkedin articles, Quora spaces, and to publish your stories or articles. Okay, now the main question you may ask, anyone can ask, okay i published and copied and pasted my articles on these website, how i will get the traffic? Where is the relation? This is really super important. Why? Simply because an example, medium, if you go here to similar web, it gets around 223 million monthly visits.

If you go here to Quora, it gets around 500 million visits. If you go to linkedin, it gets around let’s see around 1 billion visits per month. Okay, so the first benefit is- If someone is searching on linkedin for a topic, he may find your article. If someone is searching on quora for a topic, he may find your article. If someone is searching on medium, he may find your article. So this is the first benefit.

Number two that those websites- quora, LinkedIn, and medium has a very high rank on google, high authority. So your article may also rank on google through these websites, instead of your own website, which is still new and have no rank on google. And this is really very important so you can get free organic traffic from search engines into your articles. Now we still have a problem. You may tell me okay i got traffic into medium, into quora, and to linkedin. But how i can get traffic back into my website? Simply you have to create internal links.

If you go here to my article again as you scroll, you will see I have a link here. You will see i have links here links links links to my own article,s to my own services, to my own websites. So anyone reading the article on quora, on linkedin, on medium, can simply link back or can simply go back into your website. And this is how you can get free traffic from these websites. So this is the main benefit here, is to get free organic traffic into your articles and link back into your website.

And simply and this I think more important than traffic also, whenever you write on those websites and you start getting followers people reading about your content, about your services, about your business, you are doing simply brand awareness. You are simply letting people know about you, know about your business. So they will go and visit if you like your content. And here it comes one important point is to publish real value. Not long value! Real value! It may be a small paragraph but it will be real value for your followers.

So these are the main three websites LinkedIn, quora and Go now, it will take you less than five minutes to publish the same articles from your blog into these websites. Now we will move on to the second three websites that are somehow easier. Where we only publish the links of the articles.


The first website in the second list is You can see Simply, sorry simply inside mix, click on this plus icon and paste your article blog. As an example, this one. Paste it here and click on, wait a little bit, and this is the article. You can see it will fetch everything. Click on mix and now you can add to collection and publish your article on Mix also gets around 1.4 million visits per month, which is also very good. It’s from the US, so it’s a good traffic source. Publish also all your links, all your articles constantly on How To Get Free Traffic From 6 Free Websites.


The second website is I know everyone here knows pinterest, but pinterest is really very powerful in terms of traffic. Why? Simply because in pinterest people use the search feature a lot, not like facebook and other social platforms. Here people use the search to find things they are interested in. So simply here click on ‘create’, after you sign up, if you don’t have an account and click on create a pin and simply enter the url of your blog here and the title so as an example here is the title of my article. Paste it here. You can write a small description if you want. And you need to create an image now. The best way to create an image for pinterest is to use

Canva is the best best application. I use to create all my designs, my ads, everything. Simply in canva click ‘create a design’ and select. Just search for pinterest and simply select pinterest pin and then it will give you the best size for the pinterest pins and it will give you templates a lot of templates. You can simply create your own one if you want and i will give you now a simple tip as an example here in my blog. I created this featured image, you can see it, it’s here in my it’s here in my camera profile.

I will open it now you can simply if you created the design inside canva go here to the resize section and then select pinterest pin and click copy and resize and now canva will resize this so simply can drag and drop this like this and whatever add some things and simply download this simply download it and then publish it into your pinterest account. So also go now and start publishing every day one or two pins into pinterest using this strategy. It will take less than 30 seconds to do this on pinterest.


So this is the second website or the fifth website today. The last website, number six and I think it’s one of the best it requires somehow some more work like four or five minutes. it is It allows you to create and publish small slides or small ebooks. So what you are going to do here in this website is to upload a small version of your article. As an example I have this article here so I go to canva and if you go here to my instagram folder, just to show you this instagram post as an example, this is the affiliate marketing article on my blog.

I created this small version of it you can see it is page 2 3 4 5 pages simple you can here click on download and select pdf you can see pdf standard you can download this pdf, you can create a small version of the article to explain what the article is about and simply go to slideshare and upload it. Slideshare gets around 182 million views so it’s also one of the best websites to publish on and get traffic from.

You can publish the pdfs and link back to your website. So these are my six websites please please please just try it go now to the comments section comment below your daily visitors today and after 10 days of applying this strategy come back and tell people how much visitors you got from this strategy from these websites so it can motivate each other and help each other to improve and get more traffic.

Please try it it’s super simple totally free it takes like 10 or 15 minutes, just try it, and you will see the results. So these are my six websites now it’s time for the bonus website for you. My bonus website is As i told you my websites get around 116 000 views per month and I created this forum, this month, to help you post whatever you want, to give you support. So if you have any question you can ask in the forum and you can go here to the blog section and publish your blog post.

Simply go to your account your profile sign up it’s free and simple sign up and go here to your blog and simply publish your blog post inside the forum. Totally free get a free back-link from my website from the forum and get free traffic from people visiting the forum so that’s it. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you have any questions anything you want to share comment it below and don’t forget to comment your daily visitors today to see how this would improve your daily visitors and daily online traffic. So comment down below anything you want and don’t forget to go to my website

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