How to Remove Rip Off Reports With SEO

We discuss here How to Remove Rip Off Reports With SEO

Ripoff reports are online complaints filed on an extremely popular website called Ripoff Report. A ripoff report complaint about a business can hurt sales and consumer trust.

The complaints posted on this site rank very well on search engines and sometimes outrank business owners’ own websites when someone searches their company name.

The Ripoff report website has been online for 12 years and has over 500,000 listings. It is almost impossible, if not impossible to force a rip-off report to delete (remove) a complaint from their website. Their website among others is protected by a law called the communications decency act (CDA),

which basically states that an internet service provider (website owner) is not legally responsible for the content that a user posts. even states clearly on their website that they never remove rip-off reports even if the original author requests it. You will also find that search engines will not intervene when it comes to having a ripoff report removed from Google.

The only option available for dealing with a rip-off report is to bury the link on search engines using search engine optimization (SEO) tactics. In this case, you will be launching a search engine reputation management campaign. Below are some tips on how to bury a ripoff report link on Google.

  • Create micro-sites like – Add content about you or your company to these new domains.
  • Create complete social profiles on sites like, Facebook,, Twitter, and others.
  • Get bloggers to blog about you or your business and link from the blog posts to your new sites and profiles.
  • Add your company to industry directories and become active on industry forums.
  • Get people and other websites to link to your sites (link building).
  • Do not spam search engines with the same content over and over. Use unique content on each new site you create.
  • Create a YouTube account and add videos weekly. These videos may rank well for your company name.
  • Create a new press release weekly and submit it to press release sites like and others.
  • Add your blog to blog directories and use your company name or name in the description areas of the pages.
  • Do not threaten any blogger or website owner. They have control, not you.

It will take time and money to bury a rip-off report link. It can take several weeks to see the link move down search results. Expect to spend $200-$2500 if trying to bury a rip off a report on your own and many hours behind the computer. If you hire a company to help you bury a ripoff report link, it may cost more but should happen faster in most cases.

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