Top 10 Best Ad Networks for Bloggers in 2021

Top 10 Best Ad Networks for Bloggers in 2021

If you are a WordPress blogger, you know the importance of ad networks. The right ad network will help you monetize your website without hindering the user experience.

There are many ways to earn money by blogging. Placing ads on your blog is a great way to earn passive income with just a little effort.

Today we are going to talk about ten of the best Ad networks available for all sizes of publishers. These ad networks are great in terms of payout and ease of use.

Top 10 ad networks for publishers, advertisers and WordPress bloggers

1. Adsense

     The best ad network for publishers around the world, Adsense 
      is one network which is used by all bloggers.

  Adsense offers CPC-based ads and is one of, if not, the biggest ad providers in the game. If you want to get approved, be ready to follow some strict guidelines.


 Another great ad network for both new and established bloggers, offers contextual ads of CPA, CPM, and CPC programs. It is powered by Bing and Yahoo so the quality of advertisers is very high and the publishers can also use ads from Yahoo and Bing. has a minimum payout of 100$ and pays through PayPal and Web Money. There is no minimum traffic requirement which is a good feature for new and small publishers.

3. Propeller Ads 

With instant approval and fast payments, Propeller Ads is a popular ad network for bloggers who work across multiple genres and screen types like mobile, desktop, social media, software, games etc.

The minimum payout is 100$ for PayZa and Payoneer and 550$ for wire transfer.

4. Popads 

A great ad network for small publishers, Pop Ads is a premium ad network with instant approval. It offers a better CPM rate than other ad networks and there are no minimum traffic requirements.

the minimum payout is 5$ unlike other networks which have a higher threshold. They pay through Payoneer and Paypal and you also have an option to set-up auto withdrawal.

5. Chitika 

If you have a good volume of search traffic, Chitika is one ad network you should definitely use, as it monetizes search traffic. It is a popular network among new bloggers and some also consider it as an alternative to Adsense.

In addition to a low payment threshold of 10$ for PayPal and 50$ for cheque, this network also provides great support for publishers and advertisers.

6. Infolinks 

Popular for its in-text ad formats, Infolinks is a great way to monetize your website if it is content-centric. It has many trusted advertisers like eBay, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, etc which offer timely payments.

The minimum threshold is 50$ and it pays through PayPal, Payoneer, bank wire transfer, and echeck.

7. Revenuehits

 A great way to earn 10$-100$ a day, Revenuehits is a CPA-based ad network which pays the publisher for every completed action on the website they own. It pays 10$ to 50$ for each completed action.

The minimum payout is 50$ and it pays through Payoneer, Bank transfer, and PayPal.

8. Bidvertiser

 Bidvertiser is an old, yet trusted ad network which offers so many types of ad formats that it becomes easy to choose the types which suit your blog well.

10$ make this network a preferred choice for WordPress bloggers. It pays via cheque, bank transfer, and PayPal.

9. Adbuff 

With minimum traffic criteria of 2000 unique visitors per day to get approved, Adbuff is a premium CPM and CPC-based ad network which offers high CPM rates.

They pay through PayPal, Bitcoin, Payoneer, and wire transfer and the minimum payout threshold is 100$. 

10. Hilltop Ads

 One of the very few ad networks with anti-adblocker technology, Hilltop Adsoffer CPA, CPM, and CPC-based ads with real-time tracking statistics for medium and big publishers.

The minimum payout is 50$ and they pay via Payoneer and Bitcoin.

You can earn up to 10$ — 200$ per day with ads, if you choose the right ad network which delivers customised ads to your website.

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