Climate change and Hemp

We all are aware about climate change and its effects through natural disasters in all over the world. One of the recent such disasters are cloud burst and Glacier burst in Uttarakhand’s Kedarnath and Chamoli respectively. Such disasters are the result of exploiting nature. Everyone around us is talking about climate change and global warming and ways to save our earth from such disasters. One of the solutions is sustainability but what does this actually mean?

To make it simple, we can understand sustainability as co-existing with nature without harming each-other. Today, we are harming nature in several ways just for our own sake. But what if we tell you that there is an option which can act as an awesome alternate for us as well as help us in keeping climate change and global warming in check.

Hemp is one stop solution for all our worries. It is sustainable, environment friendly and can act as a substitute main material for almost everything including Hemp Bags clothes, accessories, Hemp paper, home furnishing and kitchen items etc. Hemp can be used to produce over 25,000 products. It means that absolutely nothing goes to waste with this plant. Another awesome fact is environmental benefit of hemp, once harvested the seed is used to produce healthy food products, the flowers and leaves are used to make beauty products and the stalk for natural fiber. This said, it can help human and environment by keeping climate change and global warming in control.

It’s high time we do something to help our mother earth in its healing process from the wound it has got due to constant exploiting of nature by human being. It can help the environment from rejuvenating soil to clearing the air. Hemp is good for the planet and has many environmental benefits. The stem and leaves of the hemp plant are jam-packed with nutrients. It is extremely versatile.

Hemp Farming and Livelihood opportunities

India has extremely supportable environment for Hemp Farming. It is one of the rare crop which doesn’t leave carbon-footprint. Growing hemp in Himalayan region can not only help in keeping climate change and Global warming at bay but also can provide great livelihood opportunities to the local farmers, artisans and villagers. Hemp is a crop which grows within four months of being planted hence it’s an ideal crop for farmers to grow between the months of gap during their main crop. It helps in rejuvenating the soil and increasing their nutrients value making the soil richer in quality.

In the Himalayan regions there are many Naked Mountains and mountains having shrubs that are either harmful for the environment or not beneficial. Growing Hemp in such mountains can help our environment to a great extent as well as it will provide livelihood to the locals. It is essential for us human being to promote Hemp farming in such areas as it will reduce migration of local villagers.

Hemp plant can be said as air purifier provided by nature itself. Hemp doesn’t leave carbon footprint and works as a natural air purifier. Hemp absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and makes what we breathe much cleaner. Unlike many other natural fibres such as cotton, hemp doesn’t require pesticides to grow as it is naturally immune to it. It also is less water consuming in comparison of other fibers. It requires little water to grow which makes it better option in comparison of cotton and other such options as they require a lot of water.
Hence, while purifying air it also helps in saving water, the two main components of earth. Using hemp all over the world can reduce the amount of toxins and pollutants in our air and water.

In a research it was believed that within 100 years, there will be no rainforest as a lot of tree are cut for paper making every year. 100% Pure Hemp paper can be used as a substitute for regular paper. As a normal tree takes years to grow fully hemp crop is less time consuming as it grows within four months. Hence, Hemp can be used for paper while the regular trees won’t be needed to cut. Hemp is good for the planet, and it might just save it.

Social Development Organisations and NGOs should come forward to promote this type of sustainable practices to maximise their CSR project impacts.
So, what are you waiting for? Start choosing Hemp over other things and be a hero!

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