The Top Vegan Skincare Brands Loved by Celebrities

The Top Vegan Skincare Brands Loved by Celebrities. Here’s the truest of truths: the plant-based vegan lifestyle is here to stay! So, if you haven’t embraced it as part of your lifestyle yet, you are missing out! Lately, vegan skincare has taken the beauty market by a storm, and this is not a trend. It is a conscious and collaborative shift in the beauty industry embraced both by consumers and suppliers alike. 

Celebrities are no different. They endorse some of the best vegan skincare brands themselves. While labels and claims can be misleading, following in your celebrity’s steps helps make it easy to choose a vegan skincare product.

So, we’ve done the leg work, and below is a list of celebrity-owned vegan skincare brands that are loved in the world of vegan beauty. 

The Top Vegan Skincare Brands Loved by Celebrities

Honest Beauty by Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba’s fresh and dewy makeup is a vibe we can get behind. Her brand Honest Beauty’s Vegan Tinted Lip Balms are ideal for the dry winter weather. Available in 7 fruity shades (lychee fruit, blood orange, dragon fruit, fruit punch, plum berry, summer melon, and white nectarine). The lip balms hydrate chapped lips for a good 8 hours. Its all-natural vegan formula is free of all nasties (especially those pesky parabens) and is perfect for pampering your lips. The Top Vegan Skincare Brands Loved by Celebrities

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Alicia Silverstone’s Annmarie

Everybody knows Alicia Silverstone for her iconic role as Cher in Clueless. What most people don’t know her for is a stout advocate for cruelty-free beauty and vegan diets.  Her lifestyle is very aware of what she consumes, from clothing to beauty to skincare and food. Her brand is not different. You can pick up any of her products with your eyes closed because it is guaranteed 100% vegan skincare. The Top Vegan Skincare Brands Loved by Celebrities.

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Fenty Beauty by Rihanna – Top Vegan Skincare Brands Loved by Celebrities

Fenty Beauty has been making headlines since it arrived in the market, and it’s no surprise. The brand is vegan, cruelty-free, and caters to men and women alike. A favorite among consumers is the Pro Kiss’r Lip Loving Scrubstick. A total steal at just $16. Scrubbing our lips is just as important as scrubbing our skin. Dead skin cells and impurities gather everywhere and need to be sloughed off.  This vegan skincare product is a Godsend. Its non-greasy formula is packed with apricot seed scrubbers that gently exfoliate the delicate skin on our lips while also nurturing them. The result is a supple full pout worth showing off. 

Lady Gaga’s Hause Laboratories – Top Vegan Skincare Brands Loved by Celebrities

Lady Gaga was born a star, and her cruelty-free vegan beauty brand is no less. Since 2019 Hause laboratories have been rising. It recently launched their blush bronzer duo, just as bling and Va-Va-Voom as Lady Gaga. The blush is a neutral pink that suits all skin colors and has an excellent color payoff, while the bronzer combines the right amount of shimmer to its earthy tone. Lady Gaga might be a risk-taker herself, but not when it comes to her brand. All products by Hause Labs are 100% vegan and plant-based. 

Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez -Top Vegan Skincare Brands Loved by Celebrities

Rare beauty by Selena Gomez makes us whip our heads and exclaim, “look at her now!” because it is just that good! Selena Gomez has always been about inclusivity and diversity. With that in mind, she launched 48 shades of foundation and concealer. Her vegan skincare products, especially the foundation, are not heavy and allow the skin to breathe.  The foundation is easily build-able and stays flawless the entire day. Another thing that makes this brand unique is that it is dedicated to “mental health awareness.” The proceeds from this brand aim to provide mental health services to minority communities.

Florence by Mills by Millie Bobby Brown -Top Vegan Skincare Brands Loved by Celebrities

Things have been anything but strange since Millie bobby brown graced our TV screens as a 10-year-old actress on Stranger Things. Now 16, she has aged into a strong, independent, confident young lady, which is precisely what her vegan skincare brand encapsulates. This brand is a homage to her grandmother, who Millie was too close to. The brand’s demographic is teens and tweens and has a wide range of vegan skincare products. The masks are eccentric, like her, and bring excellent results. Her peel-off masks are worth the hype. The purifying charcoal formula purifies the skin by drawing out dirt and oil. The witch hazel hydrates and keeps skin glowing, and the soothing lavender oil calms your senses and irritated skin. These peel-off masks are a Saturday mood and excellent for a self-care day at home.

Flower by Drew Barrymore 

Drew Barrymore’s flower beauty is a well renowned vegan skincare brand. It is strictly cruelty-free and 100% vegan. A consumer favorite is “Blush Bomb Color Drops for Cheeks.” It has a lightweight and silky feel to it and blends flawlessly into your skin. It gives cheeks a healthy flushed glow and is quite a steal at just $10. The product is build-able and has six diverse shades – we love the shade names (bitten, bubbly, cinnamon, melon, nectar, and pinched), and you’re bound to find one that suits your skin tone.

KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr 

For supermodel skin like Miranda, use kora organics. To quote, Miranda says the products are vegan and cruelty-free since they haven’t tested on animals but her herself.  Her favorite products from her line include the KORA Organics Foaming Cleanser ($30) – A gentle cleanser that removes dirt and oil with a soft hand. The formula contains noni fruit, calendula extracts, and chamomile and avocado oil to soothe and calm skin. The cleanser also removes makeup, relieves irritated and inflamed skin, and gives skin a hydration boost. Your skin is bound to glow just like Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Kesha Rose Beauty by Kesha

Kesha’s songs are poppy and trendy, and her vegan skincare brand is a manifestation of her style. Kesha herself has endorsed her lines FTW eye shadow palettes, stating she went through 25 to 30 different glitters to achieve a smooth finish. Her eyeshadows can alternatively be used as a highlighter as that’s how silky they are. The pallet has 12 shades of celestial hues at $36. The colors are sure to add a pop to your makeup.

Tatcha: Meghan Markle’s Favorite

The Ex-Princess herself has praised this vegan skincare brand countless times. Tatcha’s Rice polish foaming enzyme powder is worth the splurge at $65. To quote, she loves how the product foams and gently exfoliates the skin. The formula contains Japanese rice bran, chock full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and moisturizing elements that promote cell turnover. The papaya and rice enzymes polish skin and buff away dead cells. At the same time, the pearls hydrate skin with amino acids, collagen, and minerals. For Princess-like skin, this vegan skincare product truly delivers. 

Tarte: Alex Morgan’s Go-To Mascara

Alex Morgan is a professional soccer player. She plays for the Tottenham Hotspur of the English FA Women’s Super League. Now a new mom, she takes her lifestyle seriously, and incorporating vegan skincare brands is a part of it.  Her go-to mascara is “Lights, Camera Action By Tarte” ($23), and honestly, we are not surprised.  The volume, the length, the curl power, and the fantastic pitch blackness are some of the things we like about it. It’s also smudge-proof and lasts 24 hours. She wears this while working out and has yet to see them spoiled. What more, its vegan formula also conditions lashes. Worth investing in!

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